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© Max Shaldon, 2020

ISBN 978-5-0051-9442-8

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Far-far away in the ocean, at the bottom, sea animals live. They live in their small seaside town, which is called Rainbow Reef. The name of this got out of multi-colored corals, which surround the town from all sides. These corals are so beautiful, it seems, as if the town stands in the middle of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Reef fill by different animals: Grandfather Whale is very big in all the Rainbow Reef, yes, and, perhaps, in the entire ocean! Grandfather Whale is very old, he all the time forgets where floats and does not love, when someone or something close to them like hooligans or naughty children. He lives in this seaside town and Aunt Flounder, which is always careful to all around and really experienced for all of its neighbours. Aunt Flounder is so flat, that it is possible to hide, like a blanket! She can swim in the most narrow gap between the stones and rocks, which only are in the ocean!

Many different animals live in Rainbow Reef, but today the story will be about Grandma Turtle and not only about her. Grandmother Turtle was very ancient, she has already lived as many years as 300 years! She was the wisest in the whole sea town and knew everything – everything in the world. The old woman had a heavy and strong armor, which protected her from trouble, but it could hide in it, therefore, still in adolescence, she has built itself amongst colorful coral a small cozy house. In this house, there were a small kitchen with a closet, in which a few dishes, forks and spoons, a couple of cups, and even the bottles. There was also a small bedroom in Grandma Turtle’s house, in which there was nothing more than a bed and a chest of drawers. But the turtle was the modest grandmother.

Once, Grandma Turtle was sunbathing near her house in the sun. It is located conveniently in a deck chair, she took off her glasses to view, put them on the table and put on another sunglasses. Grandmother Turtle closed her eyes and began to dream. Yes, so she fell asleep. At this time, the kids were returning from school. They sailed in a merry crowd, happily talking, joking and laughing. Someone ran, some then hopped, another then tumbled. But look, who is it louder of all? Yes, there are our brothers-bullies, two dolphin-twins, who like to make a mess, and for this all the time fell into various unpleasant situations. When the kids swam past the house of Grandmother Turtle, a little fish – clown on behalf Spark said: – Guys, Granny Turtle is asleep, let’s quietly sailing past her house, so it does not wake up and do not scare.

All the guys stopped making noise and, in respect to the very old and the very clever resident of the town, sailed very quiet. And my friends – bullies, on behalf of Bip and Bop, how something suspiciously maliciously giggled, but nothing said. When all sailed past the sleeping turtle, my friends – bullies returned back. They were very pleased, lying on the table glasses to view. They quietly swam to the table and took glasses without asking. When they sailed quite far away, so that they did not hear, Bip wore glasses currently on the nose and began to copy Grandmother Turtle:

– Here, look, what I look like an old granny, – said he. And the second brother has just giggled.

– Grandmother, tell me, how old are you?

– I’m a such old woman, that I am five hundred thousand years! – and they laughed again. Then Bop snatched the glasses from his brother – twins and put them, saying: – And I am Grandpa Whale, I’m so old, that even do not remember how old I am! Oh, it seems, I forgot who was sailing next! – Bop copied the behavior of old man. Dolphins laughed loudly again, really liked this game.

What time they still dabbled with glasses, alternately selecting them one from another, and copied the Grandmother Turtle.

They were so carried away with the game, they began to snatch each other, shouting: “Now is my turn!”. So long, and began to fight between each otherand forget to bring glasses back. Probably, my friends forgot, that with a strange thing, but more taken something without a demand, you need to be very careful, so more with such a thing, as the glasses. In desire to play with someone else’s thing Bip and Bop so provoke, that began to push and bite each other and dealing all, still came to fight. And what do you think, friends? And as it turned out in conclusion, they broke the glasses!

– What have you done? – shouted Bip, who was at three minutes older than his brother, – you broke the glasses!

– It’s not me, it’s you started to take glasses on and broke them, – he shouted in response on Bop.

– And you did not give me, now it was my turn! – And the brothers again began to quarrel, but so loud, that Grandmother Turtle awoke.

– Who’s here? – asked the old woman in the shell, – who makes such noise? Who is it that prevents me from resting and enjoying life right next to my house?

Brothers bully were scared. They quietly tossed her broken glasses. “While Grandmother Turtle off the sunglasses they ran away and she could not know, who broke her glasses to view”. The Grandmother Turtle withdrew her sunglasses, put them on the table and began to fumble her paw on the table in searching of glasses of view.

But as she did not try them to find, it has nothing happened.

It should be noted, that the turtle without glasses is very – very badly seen, because that was very – very old. Therefore, her glasses were large, the lenses in the glasses were very thick, and only with the help of these thick lenses she could see more or less clearly.

– O, my God, where are my glasses? – screamed Granny Turtle, – because without them I am even not able to find the door to my house, because I even do not understand in any side, this door or not into my house. What to do? Grandma Turtle was very upset and began to groan excitedly: “Oh, what to do? Oh, what will be, what will be? How will I get home?” The old woman decided, that her glasses fell down of the table, so she slowly got up from the lounge chair and began fumbling paws on the sea bottom.

On her happiness at this time Spark sailed. Remember, this is a clown fish, one of the brightest and most beautiful fish in the whole town. He was a bright orange color, with broad white stripes on the sides, crossing all of his body from the top down. These white stripes were framed on either side with a thick black border and stood out very impressively against its shiny orange sides. Spark returned to the gaming area home, when he heard the breath and lamentations of Grandmother Turtle and decided any way to help her.

After all, clown fish was famous for their friendliness and responsibility. They are always ready to come to help all, who in needs.

– Hello, Grandma Turtle, – said Spark.

– Who is here? I don’t recognize you without glasses, – the old woman gasped.

– It is me Spark? The little helper said.

– Oh, baby, I, it seems, dropped my glasses and now can’t find them. And without glasses I can’t see anything at all.

– Nothing-nothing? – Spark was surprised.

– Nothing-nothing, the old woman croaked desperately.

– Don’t worry, Grandma! I ‘ll try to find them now, – said the kid and began to search. The first thing he looked under the table in the lounge chairs, but there were not the glasses. Spark circled around the Turtle’s house, he looked outside and inside, but there were nothing. “It may be, I look at the colors, that Grandmother Turtle landed themselves near the porch, thought the boy, and went back to the lodge. And what did he see there? Exactly, here were the glasses. So, wait, they are broken! What? What to do?

– Grandma Turtle! – cried Spark, then whether from joy, that found the glasses, then if by grief, that they are broken, – I found your glasses!

– Bring them soon here, my friend, I can’t see without them nothing, -said a happy turtle.

– Your glasses, I regret, are broken, have them come off the bow, and now they have no will to keep from you on the head.

– Yes, well, and the case – does not have time turtle rejoice, like here also had to be upset, – That’s bad luck!

– Do not worry, let me to help walking to the house, lay down on the bed, and I’ll look to, who will be able to fix your glasses.

So they did, after putting the old woman in the bedroom. Spark float as quick as he could, swam in the shop Brother Squid began to call him, because, he had no sisters and brothers, and so that all of them, who came with him into the shop, he called brother or sister. It may be, he was alone, without brothers and sisters, it is for this reason, like in every visitor to see his brothers or sisters. However, this is a completely different story.

The shop of Brother Squid had everything, that could be necessary when the residents of the Rainbow Reef wanted to have, and what wasn’t there, Brother Squid could easily make out the available in his is huge second pantry items

– Hello, brother Spark! Why are you so out of breath? What was happened?

– It was happened, Brother Squid! It happened so!

– Yes, you do not worry, calm down and tell us all.

– Grandmother Turtle’s glasses initially lost, and then broke down. And can, and vice versa, first broke, and then lost. But I found them, here, – said Spark and handed the glasses to the owner of the shop.

– Oh, no.

– Yes, no, that you? I only helped the tortoise to find them and immediately brought it to you! After all, it is without them, nothing-nothing not see.


– Nothing-nothing? – asked Brother Squid.

– Nothing-nothing, – sadly sighed Spark, trying to copy the intonation of Grandmother Turtle, to convey her desperate situation.

– Well, that’s nothing! – said Brother Squid cheerfully. Oh, really it liked, like going through the kid.

And the squid escaped in a closet. Only I could hear it.

Finally, the owner of the shop came out of his closet, handed the kid glasses and said: “Bring it quickly, but look carefully!”

– Good! Thanks a lot! – Gleefully squealed Spark and rushed away from the store, leaving only a whirlwind of bubbles on the threshold.

– Give my greetings to sister Turtle and say, that I was always ready for her that something to repair, – shouted in reply Brother Squid, but it has one not heard.

And he arrived as quick as he could. He was in a hurry to lodge the old turtle, Spark has been going to open the door, as he heard behind a strange rustling in the bushes. The kid turned around and saw two brothers – the bully Bip and Bop. They swam up to him with lowered eyes and said:

– That we have broken glasses of Grandmother Turtle, when secretly took them to play, while she slept. We are afraid, that we will criticize, so planted them in the bushes, and sailed.

– But why did you return then? – I surprised asked the kid – the clown.

– We became very sorry Grandmother Turtle – quietly said Bop, which was at three minutes younger than his brother.

– Yes, yes! – shook his head in sign of agreement Bip – and, in fact the same, we became very ashamed, that we have taken someone else’s thing without demand, more and broke it, – said a senior.

– We are very ashamed, – continued Bop – and we do not want to further upset Grandmother Turtle or someone else.

– Well, then you should tell all to my grandmother and ask at her forgiveness, – suggested baby Spark.

– But we are very scared, just terribly scary! – rattled Bip.

– Yes, yes, we are very afraid and did not want to, so that we got from the parents for our trick, – said frightened Bop.

– Do not be afraid, friends, I will help you, – Spark answered cheerfully. He was very happily by the fact, that dolphins want to correct its mistake, – take a deep breath, then exhale and drop all your fears! I am always so do, and to me it helps. Brothers-bullies, plucking up courage, do, how advised the kid, and they swam to the house of Grandmother Turtle.

When the guys saw a turtle, twins the dolphins began to quarrel with one another to ask forgiveness and promise, that they will never disappoint the old lady. Learning about that, some way lost and broken glasses, the old lady does not get angry, she smiled and gently said:

– Of course, it is bad to take someone else’s thing without asking, and it is absolutely not good to break it. But I see, that you are brave and good guys, just realized the act and decide all to correct, I’m not angry! Then Grandmother Turtle stretched leg to his closet to the kitchen and got a shelf three sweet candies, made from sugar, which grow from it in the garden. She gave the first candy to the Fire.

– Hold, my good boy! It is for you for the kindness and desire to help in need!

– Thank you, grandma! – joyfully exclaimed Twinkle and then stuffed sweet candy, in his little fish mouth.

– And it’s for you guys, – said the old tortoise and held out two candy Bip and Bop, – for then, that you were able to take on themselves the responsibility for their act and not afraid, and decided all correct and apologize. Now I know, that you are good guys, though, and sometimes love to fool around!

Brothers – dolphins sheepishly smiled, thanked the tortoise and without delay began for a treat.

– And now walk, walk, and I sit down to check your favorite book, because now what have -I have glasses! – and Grandma Turtle laughed loudly.

Together they laughed. So, laughing and regaling candy, they sailed away to play in the children’s playground. Now guys know, that if you commit a mistake, but try it to celebrate, it is much better, than to hide from everyone, and to be afraid of punishment. After all, everyone makes mistakes, however, only the most courageous and wise recognize their responsibility for what they have done and can correct them.


Far – far in the ocean, one day live sea animals. They live in their small seaside town, which is called Rainbow Reef. The name of this, it got out for multi-colored coral, which surrounds the town from all sides. These corals are so beautiful, it seems, as if the town stands in the middle of the rainbow.

Different animals live in Rainbow Reef: a flock of dolphins, in which there are two brothers – twins Bip and Bop. They are terrible bullies. Sometimes at school, they make fun with the teacher, sounding, that the Bop is Bip, and back Bip was instead of Bop. Even in the Rainbow Reef Brother Squid lives, the owner of the shop, where you can buy everything, what you want.

However, today the story will be about Grandfather Whale. Once Grandpa Whale swam to shop for food. He always carefully prepared to hike and was a list of, that he needs to buy, that anything not to forget. Here and this time the old man prepared and emerged from the house. Grandpa checked list, convinced, that all in order, and went into the shop of Brother Squid.

Brother Squid was a very good salesman, always treated the children by ice cream and helped the ladies to convey heavy bags up to the house. Sometimes, at the request of his neighbours, he asked them to deliver products home. But Grandpa Whale all time forgot about it and went to the shop on their own. Although may be he has just loved to walk, loved to walk in the store.

An old whale sailed to the store, and Brother Squid asked him:

– What do you want, grandfather?

– Is that seaweed in a salad? Then whether a salad of seaweed, – thought an excited grandfather, that he has forgotten, what sailed for.

– And where is your list, dear? – the seller asked.

– What? -the whale asked.

– Your list? Where is the list? What is not clear? – the owner of the shop began to get angry.

It is necessary to say, that as in the squid’s head under the eyes grow once the tentacles, and the mouth is for them inside.

– Then all of that, -said the squid, it sounds like mumbling or grumbling.

– Therefore, to understand, – that says Brother Squid, residents of Rainbow Reef all the time necessary to listen and to ask, so he repeated. The Squid was surprised and it is each time added to the end of the repeated words of one and the same phrase: – “That there is incomprehensible?”.

– A – a – a – a! List! – joyfully exclaimed an elderly customer, the list there, where is it in me? – grandfather adjusted his glasses, frowned his lush gray eyebrows, ruffled his lush gray mustache and began to look in his bag for a shopping list, – here it is, please, hold it!

– So with it, let’s see… Yeah, so have you all right. And a salad of seaweed and a piece of lettuce in the list.

– Will you serve two salads to the table?

– Yes, yes – confirmed the whale, – Grandma Turtle will come to visit today. So here it is, she loves, when the salad I do myself. If you know, it is a terrific salad on a secret recipe. And it is better I love yours from the shop. We will look at old photos, listen to old records…

Grandfather Whale closed his eyes and surrendered to the recollections of his youth. In his head it was sounded the music of past years, and he did not even notice, as the seller is retired, to gather in the basket all the products from the list, and continued to talk to the Squid:

– What was the music? Now this, and do not hear, some boom-boom-boom and bang-bang-bang… And that’s before!

One only Barry ClawKnocker, remember him? What about Sally Ringin Mustache? Walrus, which played on the mustache such beautiful melodies, which have all flowing tears! Remember? – the old man opened his eyes and saw, that the seller is not. – Brother Squid! Where are you? The whale began to worry.

– Here I am, in the back room, do not hear anything, what are you muttering there?

– I say, do you remember Barry ClawKnocker? – shouted Grandpa Whale, hoping, that at this time the seller will hear him, that he got up his claws, it’s just fly away!

– What are you so crying, my dear? – I heard behind Grandpa – I’m in fact not deaf. And with such cries, accurately can become deaf! – muttered Brother Squid, appearing out of nowhere. Grandfather Whale wanted to say, that specifically spoke loudly, so that it was heard from the back room, but was afraid, that the squid again somewhere – something slip and did not hear it. Therefore, he stopped and simply waited, while the seller will bring him a basket.

– Thank you, Brother Squid! – thanked the seller’s grandfather, when he handed him the basket with food. On the road home, he again immersed himself in his memories, and have not heard, as the owner of shop said, that can deliver products at home, and how the seller said good-bye to him. In his head again sounded melodies Barry ClawKnocker and Sally Sally RinginMustache.

Grandfather Whale has already crossed half way to his house, as he suddenly heard behind itself some – strange sound. “It looks that my friends bully approach” – thought the grandfather. “With a shout, with the noise, with laugh, again, these loafers will twist, circling and at me again begin to spin head. I’ll get confused again. We must quickly get to the house! – the whale continued and swam a little faster.

And indeed, ended the last lesson and all the kids, noisy crowd, as if of an upturned jars with colored stones, spilled out of the school, located not far from the shop of Brother Squid. And, like always, faster than all sailed home my friends – bullies. Tumbling and laughing, they pushed each other in the back and slapped their fins in the belly. In this leapfrog, they came close to Grandfather Whale and began to swim around him. They were so carried away by their game and did not even notice that they were swimming around a huge whale.

– Ah you, loafers! Oh you, rascals! – outraged the old giant, swinging a bag with food and well!

– Sorry, grandpa! – shouted brothers – bullies, made a couple more laps and merrily swam away, laughing and tumbling.

Wow! – said Grandpa Whale – even his head was spinning from these dolphins. Sit on the bench. The old man sat on bench and looking upward, through the clear water. There, at the top of a bright shining sun, in shining rays, which sparkled in the water all the colors of the rainbow, cast a bright glare and reflected in the shells. Grandpa Whale, looking at this beauty, calmed down, he even managed to relax. He is widely smiled, sweetly – sweetly yawned, yes so and fell asleep on a bench.

I slept through it, of course the same, long. He was awakened by a flock of fish, which were also returning from school. Among them was and a baby Spark of family fish – clowns.

Seeing a whale sleeping on a bench, Spark became worried.

– Grandpa, with you all well? – asked the fish-clown, – have you all in order?

– Oh, What? – Grandpa woke up, – oh, it’s you, my little friend! Yes, it’s okay. I just decided to rest a little and fell asleep here on the bench. I was just swimming. Oh! Where have I floated?

And the grandfather said, as the brothers – dolphins floated past and started quickly – quickly rush around him, loud laughing, lifting vortices bubbles. And then the whale’s head started spinning, he sat down on the bench and again forgot where he was swimming.

– If you sailed far, – I began to speculate Spark means, you sailed from then… you remember, where you arrived here?

– Uh – uh – uh… – the old man thought, – no, I can’t remember. I can’t at all! – Grandpa Whale whispered, his big head dropped and he began to cry.

– Oh, my head! Why is all the time, all I forget?

– Do not worry so, today you help in all understand, – said the baby and began to think. Then he noticed a blue bag in the fin of an old whale. – And why did you have a bag? – Spark asked. – I don’t remember.

– What ‘s in it?

– I don’t know.

– And you look, may, we find in this bag a hint?

– Yes, that there is… nothing unusual. Here the leaves for salad, here’s a salad of seaweed, that’s biscuits and sweets. Even the list of purchases, juice and all, more than anything.

– And where have you all it took? – Spark continued his little investigation.


– Where, where, in the store of Brother Squid, which is more!

– So, you were out of the store, right?

– Right! All Right! – Grandpa Whale smiled, – I remember! I also went to the store for food! But where was I going to go then?

– And why do you weed for a salad? – Asked the kid, which is already about all guessed, but like, to a great whale himself remembered everything, that planned this day.

– Well, that strange question? – the old man was surprised, – to make a salad out of them!

– So have you bought more salad for, then why did you do even? – the little clown did not stop. He barely restrained smile, because it knew, that my grandfather’s – that’s recall.

– So I bought a salad for myself, and seaweed for Grandma Turtle, she loves it when I myself prepare a salad according to an old and very secret recipe… And then the whale dawned on:

– Well, of course the same! I swam to the store, and now I am returning home, because I have to cook a treat for Granny Turtle! She’s coming to visit today! – Grandpa is slightly smiled, then the smile became wider, even wider, and then the whale laughed, but so loudly and strongly, that just is not swallowed his little friend! – Oh – oh – oh! Take it easy, grandpa! – screamed Spark – That way you will have gobbled up and notice!

– Forgive my friend! – said grandfather, when he calmed down, – I remembered everything! Today Grandma Turtle will come to visit, we will eat sweets and dance to the melodies of our youth. I’ll put on a record by Barry Claw Knocker and Sally Ringin Mustache. Thank you baby! You saved me again!

– Yes that you Grandpa, I’m just asking, not hiding pride, said Spark – you also do all remembered.

– No, dear friend! Without your help I would not cope! Thank you so much! Now the main thing to have time to get to the house, until I again do not forget.

– I ‘ll see you, Grandpa Whale! – said Spark cheerfully, – don’t worry, you won’t forget anything with me!

And they swam home to the whale. Spark helped grandfather arrange the groceries, found his favorite record and put it in the player, said goodbye to the whale and, pleased with his little feat, swam home.

Now grandpa will not forget anything!

At night Grandmother Turtle swam to visit to Grandfather Whale.

They looked at old photos, dancing, laughing, and again felt themselves young. So, thanks to the young assistant in, they have fun and nice spend the night.

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