Prescription for Romance / Love and the Single DadText

Prescription for Romance / Love and the Single Dad
From the series: Mills & Boon Cherish
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Prescription for Romance Undercover reporter Ramona was on a mission. But Paul Armstrong, the gorgeous and stubborn head doctor of the Armstrong Fertility Institute, was a serious obstacle to unearthing the famous facility’s secrets. And now Ramona was falling for him!Love and the Single Dad Photojournalist Donovan owes his son a stable life, so he’s abandoned life on the road for his home town. Former love Laura has given up hope of ever having a family. Yet now Donovan’s back, Laura wonders if happily-ever-after could still be on the cards…

Detailed info
  • Age restriction: 0+
  • Size: 330 pp. 1 illustration
  • ISBN: 9781408901380
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Copyright: HarperCollins
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