Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture

Humic Analyses, Products, and Performance
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Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture explores the commercialization and marketing potential of low-rank coal, which is rich in organic matter and humic substances. The author—a noted expert on the topic—clearly shows from a practical perspective, that rather than using it as an energy source, this material can be applied for the agricultural sector. The author investigates low-rank coal’s potential as used in dry and liquid humic products. This book discusses both raw materials and commercial products, and provides data on improved soil quality, crop yields, and livestock productivity. This groundbreaking book: details how this material can benefit agriculture; thus positioning coal in the more “green sector” type of industry presents original data collected from laboratories and agricultural fields, and summarizes literature on the science and regulation of low-rank coal and humic substances Written for field practitioners, end users, marketers, operators, regulators, researchers, and academics, Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture is the first book on the market to explore the real-life use of low-rank coal for the agricultural sector. 

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