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Discover how to shift from traditional to additive manufacturing processes with this core resource from industry leaders Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner delivers a vital examination of the methods and techniques needed to transition from traditional to additive manufacturing. The book explains how traditional manufacturing work roles change as various industries move into additive manufacturing and describes the flow of the typical production process in additive manufacturing. Detailed explorations of the processes, inputs, machine and build preparation, post-processing, and best practices are included, as well as case study examples that serve as real-world examples of the principles discussed within. Every chapter includes a problems and opportunities section that prompts readers to apply the book's techniques to their own work. Diagrams and tables are distributed liberally throughout the work to present concepts visually, and key options and decisions are highlighted throughout to assist the reader in understanding how additive manufacturing changes traditional workflows. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: A thorough introduction on how to move into additive manufacturing, including the identification of a manufacturing opportunity and its characteristics An exploration of how to determine if additive manufacturing is the right solution, with descriptions of the origins of additive manufacturing and the current state of the technology An examination of the materials used in additive manufacturing, including polymers, composites, metals, plasters, and biomaterials A discussion of choosing an additive manufacturing technology and process Perfect for mechanical engineers, manufacturing professionals, technicians, and designers new to additive manufacturing, Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner will also earn a place in the libraries of technical, vocational, and continuing education audiences seeking to improve their skills with additive manufacturing workflows.

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