Sour Gas and Related Technologies

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This three-volume series, Advances in Natural Gas Engineering, focuses on the engineering of natural gas and its advancement as an increasingly important energy resource. Sour Gas and Related Technologies is the third volume in this important series.

Written by a group of the most well-known and knowledgeable authors on the subject in the world, this volume focuses on one of the hottest topics in natural gas today, sour gas. This is a must for any engineer working in natural gas, the energy field, or process engineering.

Sour Gas and Related Technologies includes information about upgrading sour gas and the injection of acid gas as an alternative to sulfur production. There are contributions on both surface and subsurface aspects.

Also included in this volume are experimental data for density, viscosity, and water content that are so important for the proper design of projects for handling sour gas.

There are descriptions of new technologies for the sour gas business including a new method to process sour gas and an update on a technology for dehydration.

This outstanding new reference:

Covers the most recent advances in natural gas engineering, in both upstream (reservoir) and downstream (processing) Covers technologies for working towards a zero-emission process in natural gas production Written by a team of the world's most well-known scientists and engineers in the field

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