Diversity and Inclusion Matters

Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and Game-Changing Performance
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Expert guidance and step-by-step instruction for building a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative from scratch In Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and Game-Changing Performance, award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) expert Jason R. Thompson delivers a practical and engaging handbook for implementing a DE&I program in your organization. The CAPE technique, developed by the author, gives you a clear blueprint and the tools you'll need to make your diversity program a success. In this book, you'll learn how to achieve early and significant wins to create the necessary and long term organizational change needed for successful DE&I programs. Find out what data you need to collect, how to analyze it, and choose the right goals for your organization. In addition, the CAPE technique will show your progress and ROI. You will learn to: Manage and lead a diversity council and implement diversity initiatives in the correct order Get early buy-in and long-term commitment from a Chief Executive Officer by knowing what to ask for and when Set appropriate and realistic expectations for a DE&I program with the executive leadership team Perfect for diversity and inclusion professionals, human resources leaders, founders, business owners, and executives, Diversity and Inclusion Matters will also earn a place in the libraries of students of human resources, leadership, management, and finance.

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