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FUNDAMENTALS OF <b>CONSERVATION BIOLOGY</b> <p>“<i>This book is about hope in the face of forces that would degrade our world. This book is about the rich tapestry of life that shares our world now and about how we can maintain it, sometimes in places that we protect and set aside, more often in places where we share the lands and waters with a wide range of other species.</i>”<p>For more than 30 years, <i>Fundamentals of Conservation Biology</i> has been a valued mainstay of the literature, serving both to introduce new students to this ever-changing topic, and to provide an essential resource for academics and researchers working in the discipline. In the decade since the publication of the third edition, concerns about humanity’s efforts to conserve the natural world have only grown deeper, as new threats to biodiversity continue to emerge.<p>This fourth edition has taken into account a vast new literature, and boasts nearly a thousand new references as a result. By embracing new theory and practice and documenting many examples of both conservation successes and the hard lessons of real-world “wicked” environmental problems, <i>Fundamentals of Conservation Biology</i> remains a vital resource for biologists, conservationists, ecologists, environmentalists, and others.

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