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A Laboratory-based Approach
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WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SIGNALS A practical guide to wireless communication systems and conceptsWireless technologies and services have evolved significantly over the last couple of decades, and Wireless Communication Signals offers an important guide to the most recent advances in wireless communication systems and concepts grounded in a practical and laboratory perspective. Written by a noted expert on the topic, the book provides the information needed to model, simulate, test, and analyze wireless system and wireless circuits using modern instrumentation and computer aided design software.Designed as a practical resource, the book provides a clear understanding of the basic theory, software simulation, hardware test, and modeling, system component testing, software and hardware interactions and co-simulations. This important book:Provides organic and harmonized coverage of wireless communication systemsCovers a range of systems from radio hardware to digital baseband signal processingPresents information on testing and measurement of wireless communication systems and subsystemsIncludes MATLAB file codesWritten for professionals in the communications industry, technical managers, and researchers in both academia and industry. Wireless Communication Signals introduces wireless communication systems and concepts from both a practical and laboratory perspective.

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