Linear and Nonlinear Instabilities in Mechanical SystemsPDF

Analysis, Control and Application
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LINEAR and NONLINEAR INSTABILITIES in MECHANICAL SYSTEMS An in-depth insight into nonlinear analysis and control As mechanical systems become lighter, faster, and more flexible, various nonlinear instability phenomena can occur in practical systems. The fundamental knowledge of nonlinear analysis and control is essential to engineers for analysing and controlling nonlinear instability phenomena. This book bridges the gap between the mathematical expressions of nonlinear dynamics and the corresponding practical phenomena. Linear and Nonlinear Instabilities in Mechanical Systems: Analysis, Control and Application provides a detailed and informed insight into the fundamental methods for analysis and control for nonlinear instabilities from the practical point of view. Key features: Refers to the behaviours of practical mechanical systems such as aircraft, railway vehicle, robot manipulator, micro/nano sensor Enhances the rigorous and practical understanding of mathematical methods from an engineering point of view The theoretical results obtained by nonlinear analysis are interpreted by using accompanying videos on the real nonlinear behaviors of nonlinear mechanical systems Linear and Nonlinear Instabilities in Mechanical Systems is an essential textbook for students on engineering courses, and can also be used for self-study or reference by engineers.

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