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Towards Highly Connected Environments
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SPECTRUM SHARING IN COGNITIVE RADIO NETWORKS Discover the latest advances in spectrum sharing in wireless networks from two internationally recognized experts in the fieldSpectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Towards Highly Connected Environments delivers an in-depth and insightful examination of hybrid spectrum access techniques with advanced frame structures designed for efficient spectrum utilization. The accomplished authors present the energy and spectrum efficient frameworks used in high-demand distributed architectures by relying on the self-scheduled medium access control (SMC-MAC) protocol in cognitive radio networks.The book begins with an exploration of the fundamentals of recent advances in spectrum sharing techniques before moving onto advanced frame structures with spectrum accessing approaches and the role of spectrum prediction and spectrum monitoring to eliminate interference. The authors also cover spectrum mobility, interference, and spectrum management for connected environments in substantial detail.Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Towards Highly Connected Environments offers readers a recent and rational theoretical mathematical model of spectrum sharing strategies that can be used for practical simulation of future generation wireless communication technologies. It also highlights ongoing trends, revealing fresh research outcomes that will be of interest to active researchers in the area. Readers will also benefit from:An inclusive study of connected environments, 3GPP Releases, and the evolution of wireless communication generations with a discussion of advanced frame structures and access strategies in cognitive radio networksA treatment of cognitive radio networks using spectrum prediction and monitoring techniquesAn analysis of the effects of imperfect spectrum monitoring on cognitive radio networksAn exploration of spectrum mobility in cognitive radio networks using spectrum prediction and monitoring techniquesAn examination of MIMO-based CR-NOMA communication systems for spectral and interference efficient designsPerfect for senior undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical and Electronics Communication Engineering programs, Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Towards Highly Connected Environments will also earn a place in the libraries of professional engineers and researchers working in the field, whether in private industry, government, or academia.

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