R&D Investment of Multinational Corporations and China's Independent InnovationText

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China has attracted a huge amount of investment in R&D internationalization of multi-national corporations (MNCs), which is playing an important role in its economy. Constrained by natural resources, China has to attach more importance to technological progress and indigenous innovation in order to move beyond the old economic growth model. Technology seems inaccessible to outsiders, which prevents others from doing research in a comprehensive and systematic manner. In this book, technology is regarded as a factor of production that is allocated by MNCs across the world to maximize profits. Such rational economic behavior serves as our entry point to enhance existing theoretical achievements on R&D internationalization.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Preface</li><li>About the Authors</li><li>Acknowledgments</li><li>Theoretical Research on the R&D Internationalization of MNCs</li><li>Research on the Level and Efficiency of R&D Internationalization of MNCs</li><li>Measurement of Overall Indigenous Innovation Capacity of China</li><li>The Facilitating Effect of R&D Internationalization on Indigenous Innovation in China</li><li>The Inhibitory Effect of R&D Internationalization on Indigenous Innovation in China</li><li>Knowledge Spillover Effect of International Flow of R&D Capital on Indigenous Innovation in China</li><li>Path Choice for the Enhancement of Indigenous Innovation in China</li><li>Case Studies on the Air Separation Industry in China</li><li>Policy Suggestions for the Enhancement of Indigenous Innovation Capacities of China</li><li>Bibliography</li><li>Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Students, researchers and the general public who would like to know more about R&D Internationalization of MNCs in China. R&amp;D Investment;Multinational Corporations;China's Independent Innovation0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>We move on to investigate how R&D internationalization enhances China's indigenous innovation capacity based on quantitative analysis and case studies</li><li>We also derive and extend Coe and Helpman's model of R&D spillovers, based on which to carry out empirical tests</li><li>We adopt the paradigm of institutional economics to analyze the inhibitory effect and point out that the institutional inhibitory effect of R&D internationalization can be avoided through institutional innovation</li></ul>

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  • ISBN: 9789811221507
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