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Materials, Architectures, and Future Trends
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Novel Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Explore the latest developments in electrochemical energy storage device technologyIn Novel Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices, an accomplished team of authors delivers a thorough examination of the latest developments in the electrode and cell configurations of lithium-ion batteries and electrochemical capacitors. Several kinds of newly developed devices are introduced, with information about their theoretical bases, materials, fabrication technologies, design considerations, and implementation presented.You’ll learn about the current challenges facing the industry, future research trends likely to capture the imaginations of researchers and professionals working in industry and academia, and still-available opportunities in this fast-moving area. You’ll discover a wide range of new concepts, materials, and technologies that have been developed over the past few decades to advance the technologies of lithium‑ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors, and intelligent devices. Finally, you’ll find solutions to basic research challenges and the technologies applicable to energy storage industries.Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:A thorough introduction to energy conversion and storage, and the history and classification of electrochemical energy storageAn exploration of materials and fabrication of electrochemical energy storage devices, including categories, EDLCSs, pseudocapacitors, and hybrid capacitorsA practical discussion of the theory and characterizations of flexible cells, including their mechanical properties and the limits of conventional architecturesA concise treatment of the materials and fabrication technologies involved in the manufacture of flexible cellsPerfect for materials scientists, electrochemists, and solid-state chemists, Novel Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices will also earn a place in the libraries of applied physicists, and engineers in power technology and the electrotechnical industry seeking a one-stop reference for portable and smart electrochemical energy storage devices.

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