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An Introductory Course for Science Students
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FOUNDATIONS OF CHEMISTRY A foundation-level guide to chemistry for physical, life sciences and engineering students

Foundations of Chemistry: An Introductory Course for Science Students fills a gap in the literature to provide a basic chemistry text aimed at physical sciences, life sciences and engineering students. The authors, noted experts on the topic, offer concise explanations of chemistry theory and the principles that are typically reviewed in most one year foundation chemistry courses and first year degree-level chemistry courses for non-chemists.

The authors also include illustrative examples and information on the most recent applications in the field. Foundations of Chemistry is an important text that outlines the basic principles in each area of chemistry – physical, inorganic and organic – building on prior knowledge to quickly expand and develop a student's knowledge and understanding.

Key features include:

Worked examples showcase core concepts and practice questions. Margin comments signpost students to knowledge covered elsewhere and are used to highlight key learning objectives. Chapter summaries list the main concepts and learning points.

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