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Creating EPUB E-books Using EPUB Editors and Converters


Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Creating EPUB E-books Using EPUB Editors and Converters

Copyright © 2020 Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli.

Written by Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli.


Creating E-books in epub format is very important to sell E-books in electronic book stores. Most publishing and distribution E-book stores will not accept the epub format document for E-book if it includes any warnings or errors when validated and that is a very big challenge to all authors.

I devoted this book to evaluate some tools that can be used for creating, validating and editing E-books to be in proper Epub format without errors.

Personally, I suggest the following guidelines for preparing E-book in Epub format.

 Write the document in Microsoft word as .docx file. Make sure to properly setup the h1headings and h2 headings and h3 headings on each section of the document as these data are the most important data used by the Epub management software to convert the document to epub format.

 Convert the Microsoft document to Epub format using Calibre E-book management software. Add all required metadata and the cover and also create a table of contents when converting the file.

 Using any Epub reader, check if the layout of epub document according to the headings you made on the word document is good and comfortable to any reader.

 Validate the epub document to see if it has errors and warnings using the website

 Then try to troubleshoot and identify the exact location of the errors detected by the epub validator on the epub document by tracing the code view of the epub document using Sigil epub editor. Then, modify the word document to eliminate the errors. And reconvert the word document to epub format using Calibre E-book management software. Validate the updated epub document for any errors again.

This book contains the following sections:

1 Some online publishing and distribution stores

2 Epub Validators

3 Creation Epub file through online websites

4 Common software’s to convert a file to Epub format

5 Converting document to Epub format using Calibre software

6  Editing Epub documents using Sigil Epub Editor

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