Basic Virology

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The foundational textbook on the study of virology

Basic Virology, 4th Edition cements this series’ position as the leading introductory virology textbook in the world. It’s easily read style, outstanding figures, and comprehensive coverage of fundamental topics in virology all account for its immense popularity.

This undergraduate-accessible book covers all the foundational topics in virology, including:

The basics of virology Virological techniques Molecular biology Pathogenesis of human viral disease The 4th edition includes new information on the SARS, MERS and COVID-19 coronaviruses, hepatitis C virus, influenza virus, as well as HIV and Ebola. New virological techniques including bioinformatics and advances in viral therapies for human disease are also explored in-depth. The book also includes entirely new sections on metapneumoviruses, dengue virus, and the chikungunya virus.

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  • Size: 579 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781119314042
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  • Total number of pages: 579
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  • Publisher: Wiley
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