The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations

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Stay current on tax-exempt healthcare law with the latest supplement to the leading text on the subject 

In the Fourth Edition of The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations, distinguished counsel and authors Thomas K. Hyatt and Bruce R. Hopkins deliver a comprehensive treatment of the complex legal issues involved in managing, advising, and leading tax-exempt healthcare organizations. The guide is a one-stop resource containing accurate and concise information and analysis ideal for legal counsel and other professionals serving healthcare organizations. 

The 2021 Cumulative Supplement offers readers a thorough and complete update to the law. You’ll learn about: 

New constitutional issues for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act New issues surrounding the commerciality doctrine Changes to the definition of “hospital” in federal tax law The implications of The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act The 2021 Cumulative Supplement to the Fourth Edition of The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations brings an already expansive and indispensable resource fully up to date. It’s coverage of all relevant and recent legal issues is unmatched.

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