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In 1942, as American blood is about to be spilled in far-off Guadalcanal, a young man boards a train and blindly heads towards his destiny: boot camp with the United States Marine Corps. These tragic times of World War II were the defining years for millions of cowboys and plowboys. This book is a compelling chronicle about these years and one not-so-ordinary young man. <br><br>'The War Years' is a heartwarming saga about Dutch Clarke who, over the objections of his prominent family, answers his country's call. Just as Dutch is about to complete boot camp, family influence steps in and propels him through the ranks and into the Office of War Information. Here he puts down his rifle and takes up photography. Soon Dutch learns the power of the lens and the courage to use it. <br><br>This is a uniquely different war story about men who fought their way across the Pacific, not with guns but with cameras. This tapestry covers more than just guns and bullets; it is also about the human threads of prejudice, friendship and the ultimate sacrifice. <br><br>After surviving a Japanese POW camp and a daring escape, Dutch is given the opportunity to be one of the first American photographers to set foot on homeland Japan…here he turns his assignment from reconnaissance to revenge. This story is as fresh as today's headlines and as true as yesterday's sins.<br><br>Winner: Eric Hoffer Literary Award <br>Book of the Year Finalist &ndash; ForeWord Magazine <br><br>The War Years is an engaging and insightful look into Dutch Clarke's military service among tinsel town's celebrities, his front line action as a combat photographer, and his subsequent refusal to be cowed as a Japanese prisoner. It's an action filled, satisfying read for any reader, especially if you like a good military novel.<br>Gary Adams, author of Felicity &ndash; Hard Times &ndash; Happy Days.<br><br>The novelist misses nothing as his narrative snaps pictures of racism, injury, death, heroism, revenge, and redemption in nonstop action. Ratty effectively weaves a combination of current drama and flashbacks as Dutch narrates his saga. A skilled storyteller, Ratty has moments of elegant prose.<br>ForeWord Clarion Review

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  • Size: 600 pp. 6 illustrations
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