One night with you (20 stories)

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One night with you (20 stories)
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So lovely day

Warm night. The palm trees are glowing, the girls are strolling…

There is a table on the beach where they sell pineapple slices. I'm driving out of my condominium parking lot on my Toyota. Everything is very beautiful and impressive. I'm getting close to the food cart and deciding to buy a flavored sausage. Hot on a stick and a little sweet. What could be more awesome than this day? I know the answer on this question. Good massage. Nice massage. And for only 250 baht. Maybe cheaper. Massage with strong female hands and a good effect after… felt immediately. It was definitely very good and awesome day. After the massage, I went out and decided to buy some pineapple juice. Quenches thirst and tones up. Also good for my figure. What can be noted. Not so expected, a guy came up to me and asked about my t-shirt. And I answered.... I got her there and there. But I don't remember the price. But this all-everyday life.

My fellow calls me at 4 p.m. and he make an appointment. He will be in a silver Honda near my condominium at 8:30 p.m. I decided to get to the bar and drink a bottle of beer. Everything went well that day. Even nice waitress didn't want to get rid of me so quickly. Because I sipped one bottle long enough. Stepping outside the bars, I got to the beach. There were a lot of tourists and half-naked butts. To be honest, I didn't really care. I came to buy a coconut with a straw to quench your thirst. The sun was rising, it was getting hotter… My seats warmed up in my car and it could burn my ass. I decided to leave my car near 7Eleven mini market. I should have had lunch… and I decided Japanese food would be perfect. I wanted soup and sushi… semi-raw fish with rice… oh yeah… I went to one of the cheap restaurants with Japanese food… where you could get relatively inexpensive soup and sushi. The shrimp soup was expensive… Oh yeah… But I wanted it… and I decided to order one, but at the same time I will save money in the evening… when I meet my fellow. Oh yeah… soup was awesome… a bit tasteless indeed, but I put pepper and soy sauce… and it became better. Day was going in the right direction. Hot green tea quenched my thirst. I already imagined how I would wear my t-shirt and sports shorts… Of course, I will have to dress appropriately. And although there is no difference. The main thing is comfortable and tasteful. After lunch, I decided to get to the mini market and buy some milk and cold Thai tea in a bottle. When I left the mini market, I had to park my car in the parking lot. The sun started down and car cooled down. I got behind the wheel and parked my car near my condominium. Everything was super. When I got back to my room, I turned on the TV to watch a Russian channel. No news, but they talked about luxury housing on the island and in Singapore. Stunning loggias and pools, the balconies were especially amazing… with armchairs to watch the view. View of the ocean and sandy beaches. After watching TV, I went to the bathroom and refreshed myself. It was time to went out to the balcony and watched the view. Sunset was approaching… and people in the pool were less and less. Drinking tea and getting ready for a walk was a good idea. Suddenly a call from my fellow. Oh yeah. He was washing his car and got ready to move on. He had some thoughts on his mind. But he didn't share them, but I felt them. He had them and they were crazy as fuck. I decided to go down with my clothes, what I wear to the party. They stroked them for me for 30 baht and I was ready to go out. Everything has progressed well. I went back to my room. I started opening my fridge and what I see? Chivas 18 years / one quarter left /. Of course… I should drink one glass, no ice was… too sad. I'm filling the glass and drink one. Yawned. But feeling was good. Everything was good. Could eat something, but nothing was unfortunately. Some more time passes. Fellow called and let know he is leaving out some bar. I didn't get details. One hour passed and he was coming to my place. I got dressed and was ready to leave my room. I went down and saw him. He had a happy smiling… and he shakes my hand.

"How are you, man?" – he asked.

"Ok, ok my friend" – I answered.

I opened the door and got in. He got behind the wheel and quickly left this place.

"So, how are you?" – I asked.

"Shit day, man… washed car and got into a puddle. We can't sit well at the bar… Every 10 minutes they offer something to order. Not allowed to sit still" – he answered.

"Yeah… yeah… shitty" – I said.

"We are going to a good place… deep street. We can sit there for a while" – he said.

"What place? Details?" – I asked.

"Generally, it's quiet there. Intimate and beautiful ladies' work. I like it" – he answered.

"What are we going to do there?" – I asked.

"Let's sit, have a drink, I'll introduce you to the owner " – he answered.

"Really, something interesting will be, as I understand it?" – I asked.

"She loves when new people come… and sometimes talkative" – he answered.

And here we are getting to our destination and there was a warm welcome. We found a good sit and with pillows on the sofa… very comfortable and soft. They offered fresh pineapple at the same time. My question was next:

"She doesn't have a boyfriend and just very friendly here?".

"Be yourself and you will see" – he answered.

She brought us 2 fresh juices… and left us at the same time. I watched her figure. And damn… this day got better and better. I was dissolved. Our fresh juices came to the end. Time to order alcohol. I ordered a whiskey with and soda. My friend too. After the ending of this… she came to us. And my friend asked the question.

"I was served by another waitress last time… is she working today?".

It was a great question… distracting attention.

"Yes, she is absent today… the guy came in a Mercedes convertible 2 weeks ago. She tried to like him. But he ordered nothing but juice and left us fast" – she answered.

"Damn, that's what it means not paying attention" – he said.

"Yes… and why are you not alone today? Is it your friend?" – she asked.

I felt a little uncomfortable… because I got deep into myself and didn't take my eyes off her bottom.

"Yes, it's my friend… today… we come to drink together for a little time" – he answered.

"What are going to order else?" – she asked.

"Double Jack Daniels and apple juice" – he answered.

"What about your friend? Eat something or drink?" – she asked.

Damn, I flew away from this phrase when she said it.

"What will you order?" – friend asked me.

"Same same… and something to eat on your taste" – I answered.

"Ok, boys" – she said.

Damn, it's just flame. Here she is carrying 2 Jack Daniels and a slice of apples… oh yeah… baby…

And my friend asks me a question, a direct question…

"Do you have any plans for this evening?" – he asked her.

"Actually yes… we are going to the club with my friends after closing. At 2 a.m. around" – she answered.

"Cool, can we meet?" – he asked.

"No unfortunately… I'm going for a while to support the company" – she answered.

And I got a little upset… but my eyes were fixed on her legs and a little higher. A little shit happened, what to do? Sometimes it happens… my fellows. Hopes and reality don't match.

"No problem, truly… we have some business too. We don't know, how we will feel after" – he answered.

"You guys… decided to relax to the fullest?" – she asked.

"No, no… just take a rest, how to say? Unwind and then re-energize" – he answered.

"What about your girls?" – she asked and sat next to my friend without asking permission.

"What girls? We plan to drink and relax with my friend" – he answered.

"Mm… and can't tell by the look" – she said.

"Can we have a little more fruit?" – I asked.

"Of course, one moment" – she answered and got up from the sofa… and walked softly.

"We will finish eating now and leave this place" – I said.

"Yeah" – he said.

4 minutes more… she brought us our order and put on the table.

"Anything else?" – she asked.

"No, thanks… check pls" – he answered.

"Sure" – she said.

We paid the bill and said goodbye to sweetie… after… we left this bar. We got in the car and my friend drove off.

"Where are we going now?" – I asked.

"To the bar" – he answered.

It was 10:30 a.m. and 3 hours more left.

We were in an open bar and sipped cocktails.

"It's 1:30 p.m. and I know where we are going at 2:30" – he said.

And I was surprised to ask: "Where?".

"There is one street, at this time the fun begins there" – he answered.

"Wow" – I said.

"How much do you have in your pocket?" – he asked.

"I don't know, but it's enough to drink" – I answered.

Time went…

"So, time to go" – he said.

"No problem" – I said.

We got in the car. And my fellow stepped on the gas. We drove up to the turn and got straight to the street… there were lights and opened bar… a girl came up to us and invited us inside.

"Damn, we are here" – he said.

We got out of the car and went straight to the bar. We sat down at the bar counter… we ordered whiskey and drank it. Behind us played billiards… and who I saw? I saw nice lady drinking beer in deep loneliness.

"Listen, I spotted someone" – I said.

"Don't worry, it's not the right time" – he said.

One hour passed. Our visiting was very nice… and I was dizzy. I decided to come close to the nice person drinking the beer.

I came up and asked:

"Hello! What's your name?".

"Liza" – she answered.

"What about whiskey?" – I asked.


"Ok / good" – she answered.

Time went on and on… and I found out that she has someone. After whiskey number three… it was nice to talk. More 40 minutes passed and she decided to leave the bar. I escorted her to the entrance. 40 steps I had to do it.

"So, how are you?" – my friend exclaimed a little.

"Yeah… so nice was our talk and had to say goodbye" – I answered.

The waitress came up to us and asked if you would like a melon? We agreed… and then it became fun. Whoever eats the last piece licks the waitress's breasts. And on the third portion… damn… don't ask!

Dark love

It happened with me dark night/ at 2:10 a.m. / I was sitting in my room and watching TV, showed luxury houses and sandy beaches. I filled a glass of whiskey and I dreamed… I'm flying on a plane over the deep ocean. I had that feeling at least. In the end, I had to go out and buy soup. Dark night, I go out and see the night. I'm going behind the border of my residence… more 300 meters in the right… and what I see? Beaches… and Pickup near the pier… lighting under the car doors and from behind. Girls staying near and drink hellish alcohol. And I decided to come close to them and ask about food. They smiled and gave me a plastic cup with hellish whiskey. I drank… and had feeling of relax. They had a soccer ball. I threw it up and stuffed it on my leg once, then 2 and 3rd… then he jumped off… a guy got out of Pickup and asked:

"Where are you from?".

"Live here nearby… in a residence" – I answered.

"Smoke?" – he asked.

"Sometimes" – I answered.

He pulled out a pack and offered me one joint. I started smoking his joint. I had an interest in a food cart to buy sausage or soup. The answer was negative. I said that I leave them for a time. I kept going in my direction. And I had a luck. I saw a food cart with sausages. It was super. I bought 2 sausages and decided to eat them on my way. The moon was over the ocean and reflected white light was captivating and the wind rustled the palm trees. I returned to the Pickup. And I had one more plastic cup with hellish whiskey. I drank it and decided to sit down on the pier and stared into the distance. I had an amazing feeling of separation. After… I stared at the nice girl, she was finished drinking her plastic cup with whiskey and showed off her body shape. But I kept on my mind… that I should sit a bit more and left after. So cool was… I felt vibration from a powerful buffer in the car. I drank more. One girl came up close to me and rubbed a little against me. She had a cowboy hat. Damn… what a day? What a fuck? I thought about myself. Everything went to soft condition. I felt soft. I sat down and tried to cool down. I had no idea what time it was. And I had to left them all… anyway. Before to say goodbye… a guy decided to put some words.

"Do you like she?" – he asked.

"Yep" – I answered.

"Do you want to stay with her all the night?" – he asked.

"What?" – I answered.

"She likes you" – he said.

"Really?" – I asked.

Staying some more time with the company, a guy said to this girl… who liked me…

"I'll come tomorrow and take you to home" – he said.

So, she has one version to stay with me for the night. We joined hands and went to the mini market. I took ham… and she took many other snacks and water. We got straight to our room. She was fun on the way… and told me something, but I didn't get it. I wanted to lay down a little. She relaxed and we got upstairs to my room. I didn't open the door fast… but opened it anyway. We entered my room. I invited her to take a shower. She followed there… I opened the fridge, but abstained of one more glass whiskey. I had such pressure when I sat on the bed, laid down and floated a little again. My girl got out of the shower after a while. I didn't know about her new underwear. Did she change them? Nobody knows! Of course, I didn't ask about it her. I'm not idiot… eventually. I turned on the TV and went to shower. I've been there for 20 minutes. Was hot! I brushed my teeth and got out in a towel. What I see?… she poured herself a drink…

"Enough? Or want more?" – I asked.

"No thanks… no problem" – she answered.

She took off her dress and laid down on the bed. I made the sound lower on the TV. And what? It's ok… lower is better. I told her to get out of bed… so I could make the bed. After we both got under the bed cover and started watching TV together. I started floating a little again. But that was to be expected and normal. We got close to each other in my bed. I got out of the bed to turn off the light. The light came only from my balcony from the night lights. And then suddenly we started to fall asleep unexpectedly… I tried to snuggle up to her to sleep comfortable. And she turned away a little. But I took good position and fell asleep.

Morning has come…

I woke up and she is lying… the bedspread partially covers. I didn't want to get up. But I had to do it. I didn't wake her up… and woke up first. I opened the fridge and poured a glass of whiskey. I poured it into myself. I started feeling better. After… I see… she is getting up from the bed…

"Hi!" – I said.

"Hi!" – she answered.

She went to a shower… immediately. I sat down and turned on the TV. The clips were shown on TV. I didn't turn off the channel. After some time… she got out of the shower. She took off a towel and started dressing. I turned away. After… I see… she saw a bottle of whiskey on the table.

"So good" – she said.

She came up and took the bottle.

"Let's go to soy 11 and 5… there will be waiting for me " – she said.

"Ok" – I answered.

I got dressed and she took the whiskey. So… we went out and started our trip. I decided we can go by walk, no taxi! She went with me and with the bottle of whiskey… drinking slowly on our way. I wouldn't say that she was drunk… but holding on to my waist. We walked for 30-40 minutes. After… I saw pickup, same pickup that was last night…

"I got to go" – she said.

"No problem. I had pleasure to meet you" – I said.

She got into this pickup… it fast revved up. She left me from this moment.


It's 7:30 on clock. I woke up… got out of the bed. This day must have luck and good mood. I'm going to the travel agency… This time my path laid through the river to the hotel on the river. Also, hot springs and path through the forest. I arrived early to book my tour faster. When I entered the building… there were 2 people. The queue went quickly… when I got to the window… it took about five minutes and there is it. All papers in my hand. I should start my trip on the next day. Satisfied… I got out of the building and decided to go to the bar. Though it was early. And what? I have time until tomorrow and I can get some rest. I drove out on the central street of entertainment and got to the pub fast. It was the one pub… where I was served. They brought me one bottle of beer… And I saw HER… very nice forms and cute smile. It was innocence itself. Damn… I was charmed… when one bottle changed another one, I decided to find out the name of a stranger. Her name was Carli. And what do you / fellows / think? And I'm asking her…:

"May I buy you a drink?".

And what do you think the answer? Her drink was really expensive. But it's ok! I bought her a drink. She sat next to me… slowly began to drink her drink.

Time was going… she was drinking and told / how difficult yesterday was. Of course… it's cool, but not at all. Everything that was going on my mind… would be nice to go on the river together. I didn't know how to ask it. I felt not so comfortable. But suddenly… she took out a bag of cocaine from a purse and everything was clear. She took some cocaine and started relaxing. And I decided to wait for the moment. And suddenly… she laid her head on my shoulder. Oh yeah… it was a good sign… as I thought. She asked:

"Am I alone?".

"Yes" – I answered.

"What are you going to do this night?" – she asked.

And here I decided to tell her the truth… that I'm going to the trip through the river. It was damn good. I told and this overshadowed everything. She told me that she works late in alone… probably. And I asked:

"Don't you want to go with me?".

"It would be nice" – she answered.

We were at the bar for about 2-3 hours. After… decided to go to the agency and take one more ticket for Carli. Surprisingly, there are only 2 tickets left. We just had a luck. The tickets were taken and I walked Carli home. After… I got to my room and laid down until the next day. I didn't fall asleep right away… I had thoughts about my trip tomorrow.

Morning… I woke up early and called Carly immediately. She answered… that she is going out right now. I put on my beautiful Thai shorts and dragon print shirt. Oh yeah… so that's how it is… decided to go to meet Carli… and we met after 35 minutes. We should go in the direction of the minibus… he was close from my residence. We have covered the distance and were on our point already. 10-12 minutes left before we go. Well, 2 minutes with a margin. The driver with 2 bottles of cold water got behind the wheel and gave command to sit. Everyone took their seats… door was closed and we revved up. Sunroof was opened in our minibus… and fresh wind was blowing. Carli took out a bag of cocaine from her purse. She took some coke. Nobody saw it. Oh yeah… my fellows. It will be a fun ride. We were going straight… the road was flat and good. Carli took out a little bottle of water and started drinking slowly. I'm an idiot. Why? I forgot to take something refreshing. But I didn't ask for a drink. I mean drink water.

"Have you been to this place before… where we are going…?" – Carli asked.

"No" – I answered.

"Is this place beautiful?" – she asked.

"Should be… by words" – I answered.

Carli opened her bottle again and drank some water. The mood was good… and wind… and views. We soon reached the thicket. I mean we drove and the trees were all around. And I…

"Carli, here we are getting to our place" – I said.

"Cool" – she said.

There was pleasure in Carli's eyes. She was stoned or just felt good? Nobody could answer on this overshadowed question. Anyway… our minibus started going slowly. Anyway… everything was cool, I was fun… and Carli enjoyed my presence. I looked at her and couldn't tear myself away. Everything was fair. And now our minibus turned into the forest. We got to our direction. There were several mini houses (shops) and several minibuses… some people arrived on them… also. We started unloading and exchanging a few words. I even can't buy some water… there is no time for it. So, more time has passed… 10-15 minutes. And we went to the forest, to the river… where the ferry was waiting for us. Going through the thicket… we saw trees around and mini houses, but what was inside / there was a secret. Soon… we got to the ferry and loaded. It was made from trees. And most likely hand made. It was very cool. Our ferry was going to the bungalows placed on the river. They looked like huts. It was cool. What to say? I drank cold water on the ferry… there was a bar on it. Carli is a little tired… because we woke up early. And we wanted to get some rest. We sitted out our asses.

We moored… and left the ferry. Here you are… BUNGALOWS. We must get the keys for our bungalows. They gave the keys and showed us the way. We started going to our hut. When we entered… it was cool. It was a little dark and unusual. We laid down on the bed as always. it's comfortable. We tired too much. There was a balcony on the other side… and veranda. And the river. We were on the bed and Carli decided to climb on top… and kissed on the forehead. I smiled and was happy. After… she got out of the bed to unpack our luggage. I got up and followed the process… and my mood got better. After… I went to the balcony. I got there and enjoyed the view. Some boats were on the river and I saw small waves. Carli packed her things in the bungalow and got ready to relax. Carli went out to the balcony and offered to go outside to the bar… where we moored. To refresh with cocktails. And here what is happening… we are walking… we found places to sit at the bar. I ordered a cocktail and Carli ordered lime water. Anyway… everything was good. We sat and enjoyed our drinks. At the same time people were walking around and the view of the river was wonderful.


Bar backlight and little lights faded away. Me and Carli were in relaxed condition. The guide came up to us and asked if we were okay… we asked him… where else can we go? But above the river were only bungalows and a moored ferry with a bar. We took a couple bottles of water with us. And slowly got straight to bungalow. When we came close to the door… I put the key and opened the door. We were inside. Carli took off her shoes, opened a bottle of water and started drinking slowly. We were in our room… and we felt good. I took the bottle and started drinking too.


"What a damn good day" – I said.

"Best of the best" – Carli said.

"Yep" – I said.

"What are we going to do today?" – Carli asked.

"I don't know… sleep… maybe" – I answered.

Carli took her little bag and went to the toilet. I had nothing to do… and I was waiting for her. I won't watching her, right?… my fellows… More time has passed and she left the bathroom. Let's lay down and relax… I offered. Carli went out to the balcony and decided to stay there for some time. I was sitting on the bed and looked on the wall. I started floating away a little with my thoughts. But I was good… anyway. And my thoughts about Carli overshadowed me. I couldn't feel big relax… I was at my peak. Carli still was on the balcony… nature and the beauty of the views attracted her. I won't say… that I was deep shitty, but I kept cool. And it was good. Shitty is a strong feeling at all. Carli went back inside and we decided to go sleep. Nobody of us went to a shower, but it was ok. We were clean angels. Oh yeah… I laid down on one side of the bed, Carli on the other. I tried to touch her waist… give a hug. But she started moving. I removed my hand. It's cool. Because… I decided to sleep. And I didn't want that she feels bad all the night about my inconceivable actions. Actions not for us… less actions – better. Because nobody knows the end. We felt asleep. Dreams slowly started overshadowed us. And we floated away in our thoughts. Floated away a little.

Night was…

Early morning… I was sleepy, but Carli woke up very early… got out of the bed. Went to the balcony. She stood on the edge and suddenly fell down into the river. I didn't hear nothing. After 5 minutes… I woke up and saw that Carli wasn't around. I went to the balcony… went on the edge and saw her. She jumped up and got my hand. I took her out quickly… of course… and asked:

"How did this happen?".

"I went out and had something in my head… I took the dose" – she answered.

Oh my god… damn shit. You made yourself bad.... I told her about it. I went away and took a towel. Covered her with a towel. Then we got up and went inside the bungalow. I rubbed her with a towel and we hugged to keep warm. Damn… could you believe in it? What are damn things here? Nobody could know about it. We took a sit for a while… Carli was a little upset… but I supported her. Everything will be fine and a lot of things happen in our life. And we can't know everything about the future. Carli went to the shower. I little nervous… tried to relax and laid down on the bed.

Time was going…

Carli came out of the shower in a towel. She sat on the bed and laid on her back. I took her hand… and we got close to each other. I could relax… there were happy moments. I decided to drink whiskey. But no whiskey was. Carli lowered the towel a little and I saw her breasts. Wow… Wow… Wow… I will go out to buy something to drink / I said / I left Carli. I took 2 cocktails from the bar and went back to my room. I got inside… 1 cocktail for Carli, 1 cocktail for me. After… I asked:

"How do you like the cocktail?".

"Tasty" – she answered.

We were drinking our cocktails, I looked on Carli and her barely visible breasts. This day must end well… I must to say. Carli got out of the bed and dropped her towel. Damn… I saw her nude body. She started dressing, but it took much time. I could watch. Soon, we left the bungalow and went to the ferry.

The yacht

Yeah… yeah… fellows / you might think it's a coincidence… BUT! Dark night… me and my friend are sitting at the bar. Suddenly… a man comes up to us and asks… would we like to join his company? No problem for us! He told us about his yacht… which was near our residence. Have to visit it… there is a valuable cargo. We didn't go into details. If get fact… he was alone and we were together… nothing to be afraid of… My friend asked:

"Why did you come to us?".

"I saw… you were sitting here and I need a couple of man for help" – he answered.

"No problem" – my friend said.

Evening… we stayed until 8 p.m. / After a nice talk… we must keep going. Everything was fine. We arrived at our destination and saw the yacht. She stood by the bay. And we immediately got on board.

"What is your cargo?" – my friend asked.

He offered to go down to the cabin. There were boxes… many boxes. Whiskey bottles were inside / What a damn things… I thought to myself.

"Let's take some boxes upstairs" – he said.

We started doing it. My friend and I took one box from 2 sides and slowly took it out of the cabin upstairs. It hasn't been that long… since we unloaded the cargo. Of course… we didn't think about it. But idea to open a bottle and drink was urgent. He thought about it too. So, we opened first bottle. And started our first glass of whiskey. The taste was awesome. No ice to all of it. So, we told our friend, we will leave the yacht and go to the nearest mini market. He said… ok, don't be late. We left our yacht and went to the 7eleven. We got close and entered 7Eleven. Looking for… the ice in the fridge. We took the ice and followed to the checkout. There were 2 looking good girls near the checkout. They were not dressed vulgarly, but expensively. Expensively and sexy a little. After them… we got to the checkout and they packed the ice. When we left the mini market… those 2 girls were standing near the car. And here I started my action… gotta get close to them.

"HeyO, girls… maybe we can talk and would like to invite you to the yacht over there for a closer conversation" – I said.

Girls laughed a little, but their answer was positive. Yeah, surely… was positive to my surprise. I'm enchanted and relaxed. Same always… something goes beyond what was intended. Damn… me, my friend and both of them went straight to the yacht. It took about 12 minutes. When we got close… he saw us 4 meters away and was surprised. He asked… how was our way?… yeah… we were 5 people. And we showed girls a bottle of whiskey. They could think we are smugglers. But not the point… it was not so scary. Because there are no cops around. We were in the shadows. And everything was good. I took the glass, couple cubs of ice and poured whiskey there… damn. I gave a glass to one of our new girlfriends. And one of them asked us:

"Where did you get those bottles?".

And this question interested me too, but I didn't ask him about it. And answered myself:

"American friends brought it".

"We have chairs downstairs" – he said.

We went down to the cabin and got our chairs. We took them upstairs and made them ready. Everyone could sit. Whiskey was same waterfall. I was not so happy… that we found out about this yacht. Anyway… drinks and good mood. Fun and beautiful. I floated away a little. My thoughts floated away. I imagined… we are sailing on this yacht far away… in the ocean. Music played, I'm standing in the center and see the light far away. It's not sunset, noon… I would say. I'm taking my drink and say:

"Damn good day… only… I can't see the shore".

It feels like… I'm so far away… far out in the ocean and there's a little danger in that. Something can go wrong and go bad. Thoughts… thoughts… and so… I'm going to the cabin. And there are many boxes of whiskey. I sat down there. A girl comes down to my cabin… dark skin, dark dress. She had a tray in her hands… with whiskey, ice and a poured glass. She put it next to me and left the cabin. I'm taking the glass and drink everything. After… I pour more and more. I pour, pour, pour… more. After… dark skin girl comes down to my cabin… and a shining light shines behind her. And here… I slowed down to damns. It feels like… this girl almost naked. But the light is so shining… it shines right in your face. I was drinking whiskey and here is the voice… "Stay with us" and a light wind blows. And here she is coming… she sits on my leg and we are sitting together and time has stopped… I think. The wind kept blowing and was so quiet around. These minutes seemed make us far from reality. And the world around us stopped in motion and froze.

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