Missing girl on the island

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Missing girl on the island
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6:30 a.m. Koh Chang Island…

"2 steps left and make smile" – I said.

Nancy did it.

"Very nice Nancy, arms behind the head" – I said.

Nancy did this well.

"Ok, Nancy. Break now." – I said.

Nancy stopped posing and came to me. She looked not slept enough.

"Want some water?" – I asked.

"Yes, please" – she answered.

I gave her one little bottle.

"Feel good?" – I asked.

"Yes, Jas" – she answered.

After 10 minutes…

"Let's continue?" – I asked.

"Ok, ok" – she answered.

"Come close to the tree, turn your back" – I said.

Nancy posed as I said. We work good together.

"Ok. Let's finish for today, Nancy?" – I asked.

"Ok, Jas… Everything you say" – she answered.

"You want go to eat something?" – I asked.

"Good time for breakfast" – she said.

I packed my camera. And we left our place of photo shooting. I didn't have car. But cafe was close to our place. We got fast to the place. Manager met us with smile. And we smiled too.

"Take a sit, please" – manager said.

"Thanks" – I said.

I took menu and was going to start my order.

"Nancy, you first" – I said.

"Scrambled eggs, bacon, 2 toasts, jam, orange juice" – Nancy said.

"English breakfast set" – manager said.

"Same" – I said.

"Ok. Would you like a coconut?" – manager asked.

"Yes, 2" – I said.

"Ok. 1 minute" – manager said.

After couple minutes 2 coconuts arrived to us. Yes. Nice place. Nancy liked too. She smiled and enjoyed the drink. I was happy yo get her. Maybe, Thai massage? I asked myself. I think no.

About after 10 minutes… Our order arrived to us. Nancy started fast. She was hungry. I know how models get hungry after photo shooting. Ok… No problem. I started eating my meal.

"Anything else?" – manager asked.

"No, thanks…" – I said.

After some time… I paid the bill. We left the cafe. We came back to the bungalow and checked out. We should leave the island. We got to the ferry and were ready. We left Koh Chang… and now we must get to Pattaya city. We took taxi. 4 hours more and we will get to our point.

"How you feel, Nancy?" – I asked.

"Good" – she answered.

"How you liked our photo shooting?" – I asked.

"Yes, I'm happy. It was nice place and you were nice" – she answered.

"Thanks. I'm happy that you liked it" – I said.

Our way was to the city… I had bottles of water.

"Want some water?" – I asked.

"Yes… too much" – she answered.

"Take one" – I said.

After about 4 hours we arrived. I opened the door of taxi and driver helped me get my bag out of the trunk. Driver was a good man. Just my thoughts. Ok, no problem.

"Nancy, thank you. Happy to work with you. Bye" – I said.

"Me too, bye" – she said.

I closed the taxi door and went to my room. I got upstairs and opened the door. I dropped my bag and closed the door. I had a very good thought. What thought? Take shower. Yes, nice thought. Good man, good idea.

After 1 hour… I opened the fridge and took out a bottle of cold Thai tea. Must try it. It should be awesome. Yes, I feel life again. I must unpack my bag. I took my camera out and now I should transfer all media files to my computer.

Incoming call (cell phone) …

"Hello" – I answered.

"Hi, it's me Jim. How are you?" – he asked.

"Hey, Jim. Nice. What about you?" – I answered.

"Much better than before" – he said.

"Happy to hear it" – I said.

"Do you want to go to play poker with company?" – he asked.

"Where?" – I answered.

"This is a small two-Storey condominium" – he said.

"When?" – I asked.

"Tonight, about 11 p.m." – he answered.

"No problem, you know me" – I said.

"Have you been to Koh Chang?" – he asked.

"Yeah… I did my job" – I answered.

"Ok, ok… man" – he said.

"So, see you today?" – I asked.

"Yeah, sure… call you…" – he answered.

"Bye, man" – I said.

"Bye" – he said.

I uploaded files from camera to my computer. I placed them and put price. Time for lunch. There was a good cafe in the next house. I went down the stairs. And 3 minutes' walk. I'm in the cafe.

"Hello, Rosty" – I said.

"Hi, hi" – he said.

"How are you doing today?" – I asked.

"Doing well and you?" – he answered.

"Same" – I said.

Rosty was the American owner of this cafe in Pattaya. He was friendly. Nice place, nice company. The waitress came up to me. And I got the menu. Many good dishes on the menu.

"Hamburger, French fries and orange juice" – I said.

"Ok, sir" – she said.

Time for waiting. I had plans for today. Some cash, some business. Jim was a good friend. Money always good reason to stay tipsy.

"Sir, here's your order… hamburger, French fries and orange juice" – the waitress said… and put it on the table.

Time for a good meal. I ate slowly. And what do you think? Yes! I need to call Nancy… check… how is she? I took out my cell phone. And started my call.


"Hello" – Nancy answered.

"Hello, it's me" – I said.

"Oh… Jas" – she said.

"Are you at home?" – I asked.

"Yes, everything is fine" – she answered.

"Ok, ok… I hope to see you soon" – I said.

"Me too" – she said.

"Bye" – I said.

"Bye" – she said.

I almost finished my lunch.

"Check bill, pls" – I said and finished drink orange juice.

I paid the bill and left the cafe. I got upstairs and turned the TV on. So many ADs about villas and condominiums, swimming pools, ocean views… Pay money, be king!

Not my option.

About 8 p.m. / I got out of the bed and opened the fridge. I took out a bottle of water. Time to refresh. I drank water. So good… now! Ok… no problem. Time was going…

Incoming call…

"Hello" – I answered.

"Hey Jas. How are you?" – he asked.

"It's ok. And you?" – I answered.

"Nice, nice… Are you ready to go?" – he asked.

"Yes, I'm ready" – I answered.

"Ok, be ready on time" – he said.

"No problem" – I said.

22:50 p.m. / I drank a bottle of water. I checked my computer… got message about my photos. I replied. Have chance to earn some cash. Money is always honey. Ding– ding. Incoming call…

"Yes" – I answered.

"Come outside, I'm near" – Jim said.

"Ok" – I said.

I got down and went close to the road. I saw Jim's car.

"Jas… how are you doing?" – Jim asked from the car.

"Hey… Jim, not bad. We are going?" – I answered.

"Yes, get in… man" – he said.

I got into the car. Jim turned madly. And pressed down on the gas pedal. Crazy driving, crazy thoughts… damn! We must get to our place in time. I don't know, maybe not!

"Jim, how is weather today?" – I asked.

"Damn bad weather" – he answered.

"Do you know where to go?" – I asked.

"Yes, we almost come" – he answered.

He made turn and drove through the back streets. We got to our point. Jim parked the car. We left the car and got upstairs. It was two-Storey building. I saw a beautiful veranda. It was our place for poker and talking.

"Hey, Jas" – said one guy sitting there.

"Hey, man" – I said. (I knew this guy before).

"Hey, how are you?" – asked another guy sitting near (I didn't know another guy).

"Hey, not bad. And you?" – I answered.

"Good" – another guy said.

We started our conversation. Jim was good. He sat and laughed sometimes. The guy… who I knew was a good player. But… today. I didn't mean to be serious and wanted to rest a little.

"Who wants beer?" – asked the guy… who I knew.

"Good idea, man" – Jim answered.

"I'll go" – I said.

"Ok" – the guy said and took out the money.

After 10 minutes… I came back with 5 bottles of beer. Good time to drink some beer. Jim was happy. Why happy? Because he got beer. Everybody got beer. And we were happy.

"Jas, do you know about the European club near Walking Street?" – the guy asked.

"No" – I answered.

"Good club, hot girls" – the guy said.

"Have you been there?" – I asked.

"Walked nearby" – the guy answered.

"You saw girls?" – I asked.

"Yes, just letting you know" – the guy answered.

"Thanks for the information. How the club looks like?" – I asked.

"B-54. This is the name of the club" – the guy answered.

"More details?" – I asked.

"You can see the dancing girls in the windows from the street" – the guy answered.

"Ok" – I said.

"No problem" – the guy said.

Jim drank second bottle and tried to join the conversation…

"You know guys… I'm a little tired" – Jim said.

"Are you sure, Jim?" – I asked.

"I'm going to call my girlfriend" – Jim answered.

"No problem, Jim" – I said.

Jim got up and went to call. Good idea. I kept on playing… damn… Jim was talking and talking.

"Jas, B-54 is the name of the club. Don't forget" – the guy said.

"Yes, I got it" – I said.

Jim went back to us.

"I have to go to my condo" – Jim said.

"Ok, you got a problem?" – I asked.

"Nothing serious, Jas" – Jim answered.

"Ok, ok" – I said.

Jim said goodbye to everybody. After… he took the car keys from the table… and left us. Damn… Now I have to going back to my condo on motorbike. Ok… ok! No problem. Serious situation.

"Jas, how are you doing?" – the guy asked.

"Not bad" – I answered.

The guy decided to call her girlfriend. He took out his cell phone and called… he started talking with her. I was sitting and drinking my second beer bottle. Nothing serious.


After some minutes… he finished his call.

"Maybe more beer?" – the guy asked.

"No, thanks… I think… I'm going too" – I answered.

"Oh, have problem too?" – the guy asked.

"Nothing serious, have to check something" – I answered.

"Ok, ok" – the guy said.

I finished my bottle. Nice… so awesome. I left the company. Oh shit, fellows… I have to take motorbike. Not a problem… I found motorbike taxi near the condo. Good.

He took me to my condo. I paid the money and said good evening. Awesome. What could be better? I got upstairs and entered my room. Damn… take shower! Good idea! For sure! For sure!

I took shower and opened my laptop. Got message about selling my photos and video. I sent my payment details. It should work. Ok… no problem. Big business, big guys!

I was thinking about the b-54 club. I must visit this place. Take me to hell, fellows.

Ok. I opened my fridge and made sandwich for myself. I also made tea for myself. Oh yeah… good dinner for tonight. I laid down on the bed. So… I felt asleep… ok. No problem.

Morning… I woke up… Good day, good mood. Time for breakfast. I was going to visit the cafe… I got dressed and took money.

After / I went out… 3 minutes and I'm in the cafe.

"Ros, how are you doing?" – I asked.

"Good and you?" – he answered.

"Awesome" – I said.

"Had a good night?" – he asked.

"Yeah, very good night" – I answered.

I took out my cell phone and dialed Jim…


Nobody answers. Damn… maybe he is sleeping? Yes, for sure! I remembered about the B-54 club. Yes, I must visit this place. Today? Yes! It was on my mind. The guy with who I talked yesterday / not bad guy.

I finished my breakfast and paid the bill. Great. I went back to my condo. I made a cup of tea for myself. It was going well. I checked my money balance. I got the money for my photos. I need new model.

Late evening… I was going to withdraw some cash. I went to the ATM. I got the money. I dialed Jim. Nobody answers. Ok… ok. No problem. I went back to my condo and started waiting.

Late night… I got dressed and took big cash. I'm going to the club. I caught tuk-tuk and got straight to the Walking Street. Damn… so many lights. I was on the WK street, I must go through and find turn.

After some minutes… I found the club. B-54. Yes, it was this club. I got in… and found good place to sit. Time to make order. I ordered orange juice with ice and one red label shot.

Time was going.... I was sitting… damn… who I saw? I saw a good-looking girl. I sent a sign to her. She got it. And she came up to my table. Awesome…

"Want something to drink?" – I asked.

"Yes, one apple juice… pls" – she answered.

I ordered this drink for her. She started drinking slowly… yeah… good drink for cute girl.

"What is your name?" – I asked.

"Cindy" – she answered.

"I'm Jas…" – I said.

"Nice to meet you… Jas" – she said.

"Me too, Cindy" – I said.

"What are you doing here?" – she asked.

"One guy told me about this place" – I answered.

"Oh…" – she said.

"Have you been working here for a long time?" – I asked.

"Yes" – she answered.

"Have boyfriend?" – I asked.

"No" – she answered.

"I see… do you have another job?" – I asked.

"Why you ask?" – she answered.

"Just curious" – I said.

"No, I don't have" – she said.

"Have you been to Koh Chang?" – I asked.

"No" – she answered.

"Do you want to go?" – I asked.

"No" – she answered and turned her head.

"Oh, did I ask something wrong?" – I asked.

"No" – she answered.

"Ok, ok… you don't want to talk about it" – I said.

"Just had an accident there with my friend" – she said.

"Oh… somebody lost there?" – I asked.

"I think… was killed" – she answered.

"Oh my god, this is a real tragedy" – I said.

"Ok, stop here" – she said.

"Ok, ok. No problem. Do you want more drink?" – I asked.

"Yes, can I have same one more?" – she answered.

"Ok" – I said.

I ordered one juice for Cindy. I had a strange feeling… when Cindy told me about her friend lost on the island. I shouldn't have talked about it. Ok… ok. No problem. Keep talking…

"I do photo shoots for websites" – I said.

"Oh… make money?" – she asked.

"Yes, I make some cash" – I answered.

After 20 minutes… Cindy finished drinking her juice. It was late… I didn't know about everything what happened on the island. But I was interested in it. Damn situation… I must say.

"You stay more?" – Cindy asked.

"Maybe 10 minutes more" – I answered.

"I'll go work on" – she said.

"Ok, I'll go too" – I said.

"Will you come back?" – she asked.

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