Man in horror mask

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Man in horror mask
Man in horror mask
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Man in horror mask
Man in horror mask
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Man in horror mask
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Welcome dear readers! Some people call me Jason. Have you ever heard story about man with the mask who finds girls on dark streets and takes them to the cheap hotels. What does he do with them? Violence? Sex?… something bad… maybe. What can I tell you? What kind of mask? Hockey mask? Yep… looks like a hockey mask. Where is it happening? Darks streets of Bangkok. Some man… in mask. Ok! It's very interesting. Why? Horror mask! Horror man! How to find him? Has anyone seen him? I can just tell you the story.

Late time… Bangkok at sunset. Some people are selling something. Too many lights. And I'm coming out. I see people. What can happen? Nothing. I only see the sunset. Going to the dark street. Some girls walking around. And? I know! I know! You are waiting for him! Girl is walking by the street, and she saw man. Horror man. He came up to her.

"Excuse me, sir?" – she asked.

He showed her the money.

"Ok… you want pay for one night?" – she asked.

He was silent.

"Sir?" – she said.

"Come with me" – he said.

"Ok" – she said.

Tonight… this feeling. As we all say. They walked together. This horror man knew what he should do. And she was a little scared… as we know. But? Job is job. We must know what can happen in such a situation. Something bad.... something good? Something not good. Heh…

"We are we going?" – she asked.

"We are going to the room" – he answered.

"How far is your room?" – she asked.

"We're almost there" – he answered.

They came up to the building. He paid for the room. And they went inside. The lady was a little confused. But it's ok. No problem. She went to the shower. Horror man made the bed. She went out. The man was in the mask. She didn't see his face. But? What but? She got naked and lay down on the bed.

What did he do with her? Sex or some perversion. Yeah. Who knows? She was screaming a little.

After 2 hours… she went out of the room. She was undressed a little. Ok… ok. No problem. Horror man stayed in the room. Good weather, good feelings. Bangkok was deep in the dark. This lady was a little scared after she went out. But? No problem. Maybe something terrible happened there. Who knows? Who knows, fellows? The lady met her girlfriend on the street.

"Hi… where have you been?" – girlfriend asked.

"With man" – she answered.

"Good man?" – girlfriend asked.

"Yes" – she answered.

"Good money?" – girlfriend asked.

"Yes" – she answered.

"Ok, let's go with me" – girlfriend said.

Night was dark. Horror man was a shadow that night. He found the girl, took her to the room and did something bad. As we know! Heh… ok / ok! No problem now. What about me? I went to the restaurant and ordered some beer. Not only beer and whiskey cola. And rice with chicken. My trip was so long. I'm telling you the story about horror man… because he makes too many problems.... for some girls.

"Hello, sir… what would like to order?" – the waitress asked.

"One beer, one whiskey cola, rice with chicken" – I answered.

"Ok!" – the waitress said and disappeared.


Beer and whiskey cola on the table. Then rice with chicken. Damn… so good. Can eat… can feel good. Yummy! Ok. Let's talk about some girls who walk along dark streets. I don't know about you. But we have some ideas. What kind of ideas? They find some clients and earn money. They are looking for something special. But they can meet horror man on their way.

I finished eating my meal. Time to pay…

"Check, pls" – I said.

"1 minute, sir" – the waitress said.

What about plans for tonight?… I asked myself. Call my friend and find out what he is doing. Good idea. Not a bad idea. I think. I took out my cell phone and started calling…

"Your check bill, sir" – the waitress said and put it on the table.

I paid the bill. And everything was fine. This place is a very good place. Good rice with chicken, whiskey cola, beer… so delicious. Not bad food, but good mood! As we all say. Calling…

"Hello___" – my friend answered.

"Hello, Matt… how are u doing?" – I asked.

"Not bad… man… about you?" – he answered.

"Do you know the story about horror man?" – I asked.

"Oh… hockey mask" – he answered.

"Yeah… yeah" – I said.

"What people say?" – he asked.

"What they can say… nobody sees… nobody knows" – I answered.

"Damn… damn… damn situation" – he said.

"Very damn situation, Matt" – I said.

"Where are you now?" – he asked.

"At my favorite restaurant" – I answered.

"I see… I see" – he said.

"Are you busy?" – I asked.

"No… no… it's ok" – he answered.

"Can we meet somewhere?" – I asked.

"Yep… I'll be in 20 minutes" – he answered.

"Do you know where to go?" – I asked.

"No"– he answered.

"So… then where r u going?" – I asked.

"You tell me" – he answered.

"I'm telling you… Soi Naion, near first bar" – I said.

"No problem" – he said.

"Meet me there" – I said.

"Ok… ok/ see ya" – he said and hung up the phone.

Damn… what a damn situation. I left this restaurant. People say, people think. But what they can offer? Good question. Anyway… no problem. What a good day? Wha a good meal. I found Tuk-Tuk. Time to go. He took me to the right place. Where I could meet my friend. I paid 40 baht. No problem for me. Ok… ok… I had too much thoughts about this horror man in the hockey mask.

25 minutes later… friend is calling…

"Hey… do you see me?" – he asked.

"Yeah… see you" – I answered.

Ok… ok… no problem. I came up to him…

"So… let's drink some beer?" – I asked.

"Yep… did you see hockey man?" – he answered.

"Long story" – I said.

We found place to drink some beer. I ordered one… and my friend ordered too. No problems. 5 minutes later… They brought beer for us. And we could start drinking.

"This guy… you saw… is he crazy?" – he asked.

"No… he finds girls and takes them to the hotel" – I answered.

"I see… I was on Buakhao… saw ladies… thought to rest" – he said.

"Damn, Matt… you always think… how to rest" – I said.

"Life is life… man" – he said.

"Yeah… we need more beer" – I said.

"Where is your girlfriend?" – he asked.

"I wanted to ask same" – I answered.

"She went to the island" – he said.

"Oh… I see… I broke with my Gf" – I said.

"Oh… sad to hear" – he said.

We drank 2nd beer. Now it's ok… I thought to leave this place. But had ideas. Some ideas. Where to go… what is gonna be tomorrow? Horror man will take his own.

"Ok…Matt… want to go to the bar?" – I asked.

"Up to you" – he answered.

"You want, or no?" – I asked.

"Is it your idea to pick some girls?" – he answered.

"Maybe" – I said.

"Wait here… I'm going to call my girlfriend" – he said.

"No problem...." – I said.

My friend went out for one minute. It's ok no problem. Time is time. Friend is friend. I'll try to call someone… later. My friend was standing and talking to his lady.

5 minutes later… my friend came back. He hid the phone. And everything was normal. Some people think, some people make. Some people trip. But life is life.

"So, what do you think… Matt?" – I asked.

"I think… no problems" – he answered.

"You have to go to meet your gf?" – I asked.

"Yes… she is waiting for me" – he answered.

"Ok… don't waste your time" – I said.

Matt left this place. I drank one Aqua minerale water. No problem. No ideas. I left this place. Time to go to some place… where I can find some girl for talking.

I went through some places… nothing interesting. But! What do we think? I thought about this horror man. He had nothing behind his face. Or his world was very rich. Anyway… no thoughts, no problems!

"Hello… sexy man… wElCOME!" – sexy lady near the club said.

"Hey lady… I'm Jason" – I said.

"Come to the bar" – sexy lady said.

"You have something?" – I asked.

"Have drinks, have pizza" – she answered.

"Next time… next time" – I said.

"Come… touch me here" – sexy lady said.

"Next time… next time…" – I said.

"Sexy man… handsome man" – sexy lady said.

"Ok… ok…" – I said and left this place.

So… It was late. I was going to back to my room and start sleeping. I'm so tired… and I need rest. A lot of shit happened. Many things are forgotten. So… I entered my room. And there was a good time to take a shower. No problem with it. After shower… I turned on the TV. Nothing was there. But! NOW! It's time to sleep. Sleep alone. No problems… no questions. I didn't call my friend… because he was busy. When man busy / don't disturb him! Ok? OK. I fell asleep.

Morning… I woke up. Good day… good feelings. What about whiskey shot? Let me check my fridge. Have one bottle. One glass would be nice. Maybe 2 glasses? No! One glass with ice. Smoke? Marijuana? No… no. Would be nice… to go to the minimarket. Buy food? Bread and ham. And cheese. Big dish – good mood. Hehe. As I think. Incoming call…

"Hello man… how are you?" – friend asked.

"Trying to eat" – I answered.

"Let's meet later?" – he asked.

"No… I'm going to one place today" – I answered.

"No problem… see ya" – he said.

"Ok… bye" – I said and hung up the phone.

Big day – big business. I went to the minimarket. When I was there… I bought bread and ham. Time to come back. Yeah… bought some water… also. No problem. I got into my room and started eating. Good meal.

Evening… I was drinking whiskey with ice. What a good mood… I was telling to myself. Dark night has fallen over the city. My thoughts… wooha. Anyway. Nothing special. But let me tell you next story…


Night Bangkok… Soi Diam… Horror man went out to the street. A couple of ladies were walking somewhere. And this Horror man was looking for some lady. What was he thinking? Who knows?

Night Soi Diam… lady was standing near the bar and drank cola. Horror man came up to ask. Lady turned around and saw the man in the mask… She was impressed.

"Halloween today, Mr.?" – she asked.

"No… just wonderful day" – horror man answered.

"Drink, sir?" – she asked.

"Buy for you" – horror man answered.

"Thank you, sir" – she said.

Lady had her drink. Horror man paid the bill. And started his attraction to her. He looked her hair. Then shoulders. Then body. He liked everything. He couldn't know his steps.

"What's your name?" – horror man asked.

"Moon" – she answered.

"Beautiful name" – horror man said.

"Thank you… sir" – she said.

"Let's take a walk… a little?" – horror man asked.

"Pay bar fine" – she answered.

"Ok" – horror man said.

After it… she got up and they started their walk. Horror man was very kind. Or he pretended to be kind. Think about it, fellows. Time went by… and they went. He didn't ask her anything. But she was impressed. Why did he wear this mask? No answers. But night was good. Too many thoughts. But she had no ideas. Ok.

"Where are we going?" – she asked.

"You need some clothes?" – he answered.

"Sexy bra" – she said.

"Let's go buy" – he said.

They started looking for sexy bra for her. She stopped… and found… and said:

"Here… I want this one".

"Ok… let's buy" – he said.

He bought sexy bra for her. Good bra for good event. What event? This night's event. Ok. He showed the way to go. Did they go to the place same before? Maybe! But!

"How are you feeling?" – he asked.

"Ok" – she answered.

"Do you want something to drink?" – he asked.

"Water" – she answered.

He started their way to the place… where he stopped. It was a small room in a small condominium. He stopped near and bought the water. Her mood got higher…

"Thank you" – she said.

"Let's go upstairs?" – he asked.

"Let's go" – she answered.

They got inside the room. What was next? He asked her about whiskey. She refused. No problem. Good mood. Good day. But what about his plans? No secret… no words. Time was going. And nobody went out of the room. Very strange.

Next morning. He went out of the room and loaded something into trunk. Something big. Body? Body of the girl? It seems yes. Ok. What happened out there? Murder? Maybe.

Next Night. The bar… where horror man met sexy lady… she wasn't there. It seems she was dead. Horror man in the mask did it. Why? Lady was beautiful and sexy. Perhaps he had problems in bed. I came up to ask about this girl.

"Hello ladies, don't you see your girlfriend… which met guy in the mask?" – I asked.

"No… Mr. / we don’t" – they answered.

"Are you sure?" – I asked.

"No messages, nobody sees" – they answered.

"Ok. Sorry. Have a good day" – I said.

"Bye, Mr." – they said.

"Bye" – I said.

I left this place. It seems like it was a crime. But… ok. Horror man started doing very bad things. Nobody could think… how far will it go. You need to know what happened in the room. It's very important. Because you need to know the motive. The motive will make a complete picture. Sex? Rejection of sex? Forcing?…

I went back to my room. Opened the fridge and took whiskey. Good time for one whiskey shot. My mood was good. Why? Because I felt myself same tired rabbit. Heh… you can laugh. It's ok! Whiskey? Cola? Fruits? oK! So, horror man in this mask was absolutely disoriented. He started doing bad. What next? He will find a new victim. Ok… oK… no problem. What else needs to be done? We must control all situations. Our life is full of surprises. Horror man… Thai sexy ladies. He needs to be shit. Time has come. How about strawberries? No strawberries here. BED time.

Morning. I woke up and started drinking water. Good for me / good for everyone. What about people… who don't care about their water balance? Have shit life… perhaps. Dragon fruit? Lychee? Later! Got to go to the minimarket. Details? Need to buy some potatoes and chicken wings. Why? Delicious food.

My friend is calling…

"Hello… what's up… buddy?" – he asked.

"Hey… hey… nOt bad… what about you?" – I answered.

"A bit shitty" – he said.

"What happened?" – I asked.

"A little money problem" – he answered.

"How much?" – I asked.

"5 thousand baht" – he answered.

"Do you want to borrow?" – I asked.

"Would be nice" – he answered.

"Can give you one thousand now" – I said.

"Ok… no problem. Don't worry" – he said.

"Ok… up to you. Take care" – I said.

"You too… bye" – he said.

"Bye" – I said and hung up the phone.

So… friend had problem… but it’s ok. Everybody can have problem with money. But I said… how much I can borrow at this moment. Decision up to him. Ok… ok. I was going on my way to the shopping mall. When I arrived… I found food place. Where I could buy some potatoes and chicken wings. Good place… good destination. I paid the money for food. And continued my walk. Incoming call…

"Hello, Jai, how are you?" – she asked.

"Oh… hi… Mindy / good / and you?" – I answered… (Mindy was my friend… last talk was about month ago).

"Pretty nice" – she said.

"Why are you calling?" – I asked.

"You want to see me…" – she answered.

"Oh… would be nice / you have problem?" – I asked.

"No… no… no problem" – she answered.

"Ok… where you want to see me?" – I asked.

"Near your condominium" – she answered.

"Ok… ok. See you there in 20 minutes" – I said.

"Ok" – she said and hung up the phone.

I finished my shopping. And started going to my condo. Because Mindy should wait for me there. Not too much problems. But too much potatoes and wings. Heh… ok/ok. I caught tuk-tuk and started my way. Way? Yeah… way to my home. Damn… what about sauce? What sauce? Sauce for chicken.

12 minutes later… I was on my way. Way where? You know! Big Time – big events. I had to buy something. Buy what? Something interesting. For example? Cold tea.

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