Angel of love

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Angel of love
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It was sunny day and I went to the cafe. Shitty situation, not too much people. But too much sun. I was going to order something to eat. Yeah… good breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toasts, orange juice. Ketchup. It was good. Definitely seriously not bad. I was thinking about some photoshoot today. I had some money. And some sexual addictions. But… I have to wait for the evening. I finished my breakfast. And there was a good idea to went to the minimarket. I need to buy some water and ham. Yeah… / After that… I went back to my room. Tea was good. I had no whiskey. Yeah, yeah… I laid down on my bed. 2 thoughts have been visited me. First was about my dinner for tonight. Second was about my business. Good idea to buy some street food.

Afternoon… I went out of my condo. Oh shit… street fruits… I saw… I bought some pineapple and watermelon. 40 batts. Hell day… hell condition. It's time to go on the beach. Ocean waves and sun were awesome. Ok… Ok. I don't care about this. I took out my cell phone and was going to call my friend…


"Hi…" – Tim answered.

"Hey man, how are you doing?"– I asked.

"I'm doing well, except of little things" – he answered.

"What kind of things?" – I asked.

"Shit things, man" – he answered.

"Oh… I'm going to do some photoshoot today, I think" – I said.

"Oh… you got money?" – he asked.

"Have some" – I answered.

"Tomorrow… Maybe, I will go to the club" – he said.

"Are you sure, man? – I asked.

"90%, man" – he answered.

"Damn, maybe, some hot models will be out there" – I said.

"Yeah… you are right" – he said.

"You know? Or just suggestions?" – I asked.

"90%, man" – he answered.

"Ok, ok…" – I said.

"Hope, you will luck" – he said.

"Thanks, hear you soon" – I said.

"Be cool, man" – he said.

I hung up the phone. Damn. Gotta go. I'm back to my room. Have to do something. Because I had no idea about this evening. I drank some water. And turned on the TV. Villas, Beaches, Swimming Pools for thousands and thousands of dollars. Damn. Got to be a millionaire to buy it. No more. I made some tea for myself. Today I have to buy whiskey. Just was planning my day.

Evening… I went out of my condo. Cafe and good company. I knew the guy, who owned this place. He was American, living in Thailand. Good guy. I ordered some Thai food. Noodle with soy sauce and vegetables. The guy came up, who owned this place. Rosty.

"Hey Ros… how are you doing?" – I asked.

"Hey… doing good. And you?" – he answered.

"Awesome" – I said.

"Are you going somewhere?" – he asked.

"Yep" – I answered.

"Oh… have a nice evening" – he said.

"How nice, it depends from us" – I said.

"Yes, yes" – he said.

I left the cafe. I went up to my room… I was there about 1 hour. I put on my shorts, took money and checked the dirty laundry. Ok. Now I'm ready to go out. I had many thoughts. But no direct plans. I caught tuk-tuk and got straight to the Walking Street. Yes… many bars, many pleasures. I went around… and what do you think? Yep… yep… fabulous bar… I saw… I found a place to sit. And ordered one whiskey with ice. Good bar, good mood. You won't believe. I saw her… a girl. I didn't know her name, before she took a sit close to me.

"What's your name, lady?" – I asked.

"Kitty" – she answered.

"Nice to meet you, Kitty" – I said.

"Me too, you very nice" – she said.

"Thanks, you work here?" – I asked.

"Yes, it’s my friends" – she answered.

"Ok… ok" – I said.

"You don't have a girlfriend?" – she asked.

"No… and I don't lie you" – I answered.

"Oh… why you stay alone?" – she asked.

"Well… I don't feel lucky" – I answered.

"Mm… what about drink for me?" – she asked.

"Sure… whiskey?" – I answered.

"One Singha" – she said.

"Ok" – I said.

I ordered 1 Singha for her. It was late evening. Kitty very liked me. She looked pretty. And it was easy to chat with her. Will I invite her to my room? No idea. But awesome feelings. Damn situation… Stop… stop… let me calm down…

"Do you like me?" – I asked.

"Yes. Handsome man" – she answered.

I drank whiskey. And ordered one more. I was thinking about this night. Go home, go home with her or call my friend? Ok… Whiskey was going well. I looked at Kitty. And I had one thought on my mind. I asked:

"Can I have your phone number?".

"Yeah… sure" – she answered.

She gave me her phone number. After that, I put my hand around her waist. Yeah… awesome situation, fellows… my mind was blown… damn… what do you think I did? Yes… Yes… I gave her my phone number.

"How you feel, Kitty?" – I asked.

"Good… good" – she answered.

Everything was going well. I was wondered by her; she was wondered by me… Yeah… no time for thoughts. I was going to say something very nice, because I wanted to continue our talking…

"Ok, Kitty. I'm going to tell you something" – I said.

"Yes" – she said.

"I have to go… but we can talk later?" – I asked.

"You go home alone?" – she asked.

"I think yes" – I answered.

"Ok, you call me?" – she asked.

"Yes, sure" – I answered.

"Ok… ok" – she said.

I paid for bar and kissed Kitty on the neck. It was awesome… hell fire in my heart. Ok… ok. No matter how nice it was… but… I had to go. Because tonight, I couldn't shoot a video with anyone.

"Ok… Kitty. I was happy to meet you. See you around" – I said.

"Me too… Have a good night, handsome man" – she said.

Yeah… yeah. I had no wish to shoot a video with her. Maybe later. Maybe not… who knows? I know, my fellows… but no direct plans. Fuck… I left the bar. Ok. Today… I'm going back to my room. Hell day… nice lady… it was my thoughts for today.

I caught tuk-tuk and was going home. I entered my room and closed the door. Good shower and good dream. Yeah… and I forgot to take camera, when I went to the Walking Street. Shit day. I did all the morning procedures. Now I can get into the bed.

Morning… I woke up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. Ok. Street food or go to the cafe? Yes. I went to Rosty. I didn’t see him there. But that didn't stop me from ordering food. I ordered.

After some minutes, my breakfast was on the table. I asked a chef woman:

"Don't you see Ros?".

"He'll be later" – she answered.

"Thanks" – I said.

"You're welcome, sir. Anything else?" – she asked.

"No… no, thanks" – I answered.

"Bon Appetit" – she said.

"Kaphun kap" – I said.

I started eating my breakfast. Damn… the scrambled eggs were awesome. Yeah… I have a good taste. Sure… sexy ladies loved me or not? They did… For sure. Big business, big patience… I decided to call Tim.


"Hello" – he answered.

"Hello, hello" – I said.

"How are you doing 'J'?" – he asked.

"90% good" – I answered.

"Ok" – he said.

"And you?" – I asked.

"Not bad" – he answered.

"Will you go somewhere tonight?" – I asked.

"Maybe… maybe" – he answered.

"I met a girl yesterday" – I said.

"Wow… You slept with her?" – he asked.

"No… I didn't, man" – I answered.

"Ok… ok" – he said.

"Call you, man" – I said.

"See you around" – he said.

I hung up the phone. I finished my breakfast and was ready for some adventure. What adventure? Men's adventure. Do I have to call Kitty? No. Not now. I paid for my breakfast and went to the minimarket. Got to buy some water and bread. Oh yeah… I almost forgot. Cold Thai Tea. I back to my room. Now! I drank some water. And made sandwich. Tasty sandwich. Shit. No whiskey. Ok… ok. I'll think about it. I decided to go to the swimming pool. A few steps from my building. I took a towel.

After 5 minutes, I was in there. Water in swimming pool was good. No drugs, no fun. Ok… ok. Don't think about it. But I saw a lady. Sexy lady. But no conversation was between us. But almost all the time, I was watching her. Beautiful lady, big headache. This is life, my fellows. I ended my procedure. It's time to go upstairs. But what do you think I did? I said 'Goodbye' to this sexy lady. And she told me the same. I was cool.

I was in my room. Went out on the balcony and saw the beautiful view. Damn. What, the hell, are people thinking about? I need to take a rest. I was in the bed and watched TV. Nobody called me. Yep… damn day.

Evening… Ok. I was planning to visit Walking Street tonight. And my plans became true. 15 minutes more and I was already on the main road. Many bars, many girls, many lights. But… who was behind this? Yeah… I was behind this. Just a thought. What do you guys think happened to me this night?

After 35 minutes. Incoming call…

"Hello" – I answered.

"Hello. It's Kitty. How are you doing?" – she asked.

"Hello… hello. Good and you?" – I answered.

"Fine. Where are you?" – she asked.

"Walking Street, Kitty" – I answered.

"Oh… Why you not come?" – she asked.

"Are you in the bar?" – I answered.

"Yeah" – she said.

"Oh… I'll be there" – I said.

"Waiting for you" – she said.

I hung up the phone. Damn. Should I go? Have to think about it. Anyway, Tim can call or not call me. No time for waiting. I was going through the street and found the bar, where I met Kitty. I found her.

"Hello Kitty… It's me" – I said.

"Hello…" – she said and gave me a hug.

"Want something to drink?" – I asked.

"Apple juice" – she answered.

"With ice?" – I asked.

"Yeah… yeah" – she answered.

"What did you do last night?" – I asked.

"Stayed with my friend" – she answered.


"Girlfriend?" – I asked.

"Yeah… yeah" – she answered.

"Sleep with girlfriend?" – I asked.

"Separately" – she answered.

"Ok… ok" – I said.

1 whiskey and 1 apple juice, I ordered. Kitty was looking good. And day was awesome. Why? Because today I'm not alone. It's fact, my fellows. Ok… what we have? Yes, we have… what? Good company.

"Kitty, what good was happened to you?" – I asked.

"I talked with one old man today" – she answered.

"Old man?" – I asked.

"Not too old" – she answered.

"What were you talking about with him?” – I asked.

"He rented a car" – she answered.

"What car?" – I asked.

"Pick Up car" – she answered.

"Oh… good… Did he give you a ride?" – I asked.

"No, no…" – she answered.

"Too bad. Not good man" – I said.

"What about you?" – she asked.

"I was sitting at home last night" – I answered.

"Alone?" – she asked.

"Yep" – I answered.

I drank my whiskey. Kitty was nice. But time is time. What was next? I thought about inviting Kitty. Invite where? Invite to my room, my fellows. Does it make sense? Oh… sure…

"Kitty, what do you think, if we will come to me?" – I asked.

"Oh, you want to stay with me?" – she answered.

"Yeah, we can stay in my room" – I said.

"Ok… you can pay bar fine?" – she asked.

"Yeah… sure" – I answered.

I paid for whiskey, juice and bar fine. Everything was awesome. We left the bar together. We went out from Walking Street. After that, caught tuk-tuk and was going to my room.

After some minutes, we were near my condo. Good… we went upstairs. I opened the door and sweet Kitty entered my room. She was looking around… room, bed, bathroom and everything.

"How you like it?" – I asked.

"Very nice" – she answered.

"Make yourself at home" – I said.

"Thank you" – she said.

"You're welcome, Kitty" – I said.

"Can I use your bathroom?" – she asked.

"Sure…" – I answered.

Kitty went to the bathroom. And I opened the fridge to make myself a drink. But what do you think, fellows? No whiskey. Ok… ok. No problem. I drank some water. And made one glass for Kitty.

Kitty went out from the bathroom and took the glass. I gave her a towel. Good day, good mood. I was interested about her wish to drink a whiskey. But I didn't want to go outside.

"I go to bathroom" – I said.

"Ok" – she said.

"You can lay down on the bed and relax" – I said.

"Ok" – she said.

I was in the bathroom and decided to take shower. After, I brushed my teeth. I went out and saw Kitty on the bed. She looked a little bit tired. Ok… ok. No problem. I turned off the light. And got into the bed too.

Night was awesome… I didn't remember all the details. But we slept close to each other. Yeah… Good night, good mood. Kitty was good too… as I noticed. What can I say?

Morning came up… Kitty in the bed, same me. What the hell? Need to get up and start the day. I woke up first. I've been in the bathroom, since Kitty woke up. Good. I went out, and Kitty was ready to go.

"You go by Taxi?" – I asked.

"Yes, motorbike" – she answered.

"Go home?" – I asked.

"Go eat" – she answered.

"Go together?" – I asked.

"You want to go with me?" – she answered.

"Yeah… go eat together. I'm hungry" – I said.

"Ok… ok" – she said.

I put on my shorts. And took some cash. And I was ready, my fellows. It's time to go. No idea… I had some questions about where we are going. But I didn't ask nothing. Gotta go.

"It's Ok, that I go with you?" – I asked.

"Yeah… it's ok" – she answered.

We went outside and took motorbike. We were going to Thai food place. When we have arrived… it was time to get some food. Kitty ordered for me some Thai dishes. Yeah… Good dishes, good feelings. But there was no tea. Just cold water. Ok… ok.

"How are you with your food?" – I asked Kitty.

"Good, very good Thai food" – she answered.

I finished one. Kitty visits this place often. Just my thoughts. Good pork, good herbs. Anyway, I thought, that was good idea to come with Kitty here. And we were getting closer to each other.

"Check bill" – Kitty said to waiter.

I paid the bill.

"Let's go?" – I asked Kitty.

"Yeah" – she answered.

"I take motorbike, and you take motorbike" – I said.

"Yes" – she said.

"Call you" – I said and kissed Kitty.

And we rode in different directions. Yeah… motorbike took me to my condominium. I decided to buy some fruits on the street. Pineapple and watermelon… shit yeah…

Good fruits, good life. What do you all think, fellows? I think in a good way. Girls are girls. Such situation. Fuck… I must work and get some extra money. I went back to my condo. I ate fruits. Damn… ok, I was going to call my friend. Tim.


"Hello" – he answered.

"Hey… hey" – I said.

"Hey… 'J'" – he said.

"How are you doing, man?" – I asked.

"Pretty good, and how are you?" – he answered.

"Yeah… you ask how? I say could be better, damn" – I said.

"Ok… ok" – he said.

"Guess… with who I stayed this night?" – I asked.

"Girl?" – he answered.

"Yeah… you very smart" – I said.

"You must be in a good mood" – he said.

"Yeah… man. Damn good. What are you going to do this night?" – I asked.

"Go out, take a rest" – he answered.

"Ok… any girls you will visit around?" – I asked.

"No directions… maybe, meet someone" – he answered.

"Go to club?" – I asked.

"Maybe" – he answered.

"Go together?" – I asked.

"Up to you" – he answered.

"Ok. Call you later?" – I asked.

"Up to you" – he answered.

I hung up the phone. Damn. Tim was going to rest with some hotties. And I? Should I stay home? No… no! Make business, make money. Our situation is telling us… do what you should do… ok. I didn't want to go to the Rosty's cafe. I'll go later.

Afternoon… I woke up after some sleep time. Oh shit… I told to myself… I slept. Ok… ok. Got to go to the cafe. Maybe, will see Rosty. Ok… shit… money again… I took some money. I went outside. Oh… great. I was near the cafe. I stepped in and found a good place to sit.

"Hello, sir" – waitress said to me.

"Hello…" – I said.

"What will you order?" – she asked.

"Fried potato, pork stake, salad" – I answered.

"Something to drink?" – she asked.

"Yeah… Orange juice and tea" – I answered.