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Inspector Anastasia Kamenskaya of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department in a series of psychological mysteries by ALEXANDRA MARININA.

  • Concurrence of Circumstances 1993
  • Away Game 1993
  • Stolen Dream 1994
  • Unwilling Killer 1995
  • Death for Death’s Sake 1995
  • Sixes Die First 1995
  • Death and a Little Love 1995
  • Black List 1995
  • Posthumous Image 1995
  • You Have To Pay For Everything 1995
  • A Stranger’s Mask 1996
  • Don’t Disturb the Executioner 1996
  • The Stylist 1996
  • Illusion of Sin 1996
  • The Radiant Face of Death 1996
  • Name of Victim – Nobody 1996
  • Men’s Games 1997
  • I Died Yesterday 1997
  • Requiem 1998
  • The Ghost of Music 1998

Translated by Antonina W. Bouis All characters and events described in this book are fictional and any resemblance to actual people and events is purely coincidental.

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27 March 2018
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470 pp.
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Dear friends reading Marinina in English! This book is 25 years old, and hardly anyone will pay for it today, in 2021. But it seems to me that it is a bit relevant. The secrets of the book business have been revealed a bit. The literary language is not perfect. But the plot is on top, although there are many inconsistencies. I read it with interest (20 years ago).

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