Dystopia Boxed Set: 18 Dystopian Classics in One Edition

1984, It Can't Happen Here, Brave New World, Meccania the Super-State, Lord of the World…
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This unique collection of «DYSTOPIA Boxed Set: 18 Dystopian Classics in One Edition» has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards.


1984 (George Orwell)

Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)

It Can't Happen Here (Sinclair Lewis)

That Hideous Strength (C. S. Lewis)

Iron Heel (Jack London)

We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)

Meccania the Super-State (Owen Gregory)

Lord of the World (Hugh Benson)

When The Sleeper Wakes (H. G. Wells)

The Time Machine (H. G. Wells)

The First Men in the Moon (H. G. Wells)

Caesar's Column (Ignatius Donnelly)

The Secret of the League (Ernest Bramah)

City of Endless Night (Milo Hastings)

Looking Further Backward (Arthur Dudley Vinton)

The Heads of Cerberus (Francis Stevens)

The Fixed Period (Anthony Trollope)

Animal Farm (George Orwell)

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  • Age restriction: 0+
  • Size: 5190 pp. 5 illustrations
Dystopia Boxed Set: 18 Dystopian Classics in One Edition by George Orwell—download epub, txt, mobi, or pdf free, or read online. Leave comments and reviews, vote for your favorite.


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