The 7 Portals of the Spirit

The secret wisdom beyond our traditional dogmas, An interview with the old magician
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These notes are no spiritual guide in a common sense. It is not made for people searching for the truth without the ability for self-doubt. Neither does it help anyone who is literally hunting for new realizations by devouring evey piece of literature that promises to provide them with new intellectual models. Being a mental explosive charge under the fundament of all kinds of transported realizations this script shows a critical point of view towards the common belief that there is no realization for the individual but one of the variety of collective images and inventories that would provide the personality with its own ideas. After all we are not what we believe to be. Everyone believes to be that what distinguishes him or her from others – the selfl-image he has been stamped with by his environment. Though that what we express towards the outside world is only a fraction of our true nature. Because: The search for the truth can not be accomplished with the help of the normal dual thinking – The hindrance which is preventing us from reaching our goals is situated in the dual way of our perception. That is why the occurring magical question is: «How can I become conscious of what I am forced to be?» Only when I have found out about this will I truly understand who I am.

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