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Non-associative Algebras and Categories
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This book is part of Algebra and Geometry, a subject within the SCIENCES collection published by ISTE and Wiley, and the first of three volumes specifically focusing on algebra and its applications. Algebra and Applications 1 centers on non-associative algebras and includes an introduction to derived categories. The chapters are written by recognized experts in the field, providing insight into new trends, as well as a comprehensive introduction to the theory. <p>The book incorporates self-contained surveys with the main results, applications and perspectives. The chapters in this volume cover a wide variety of algebraic structures and their related topics. Jordan superalgebras, Lie algebras, composition algebras, graded division algebras, non-associative C*– algebras, H*-algebras, Krichever-Novikov type algebras, preLie algebras and related structures, geometric structures on 3-Lie algebras and derived categories are all explored. Algebra and Applications 1 is of great interest to graduate students and researchers. <p>Each chapter combines some of the features of both a graduate level textbook and of research level surveys.

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